Thursday, 31 December 2009

Best Friends Forever - Romance Conflict Adventure

Best Friends Forever is Briana Smith, Jessica Seamans as the core members who have been Best Friends Forever since elementary school. Right now they have a drummer, Joe Rand who is excellent on this album. Kind of indie pop, twee with female vocals. Their catchy instrumentation, and quirky/heartfelt lyrics have me hooked. I literally have had "24", "Backpocket", "Ghost Song" and "Eisenhower Is The Father" on loop for a week now. They look like they put on a really fun live show, so I'm looking forward to them coming to the east coast eventually.

Saturday, 26 December 2009

Cymbals Eat Guitars - Why There Are Mountains

Not gonna lie to you on this one, guys: I heard of this group through Pitchfork. Coming straight out of New York (of course), Cymbals Eat Guitars managed to score a BNM tag from ol' forky with their debut, Why There Are Mountains. Sound-wise, think Yo La Tengo spacey fuzz-rock jams but with plenty of poppy hooks and washy reverb and you're just about there. These guys are keeping it real on independent label Sister's Den, so if you dig it buy it!

Thursday, 24 December 2009

Top 10 Albums of 2009

2009 was full of great albums from every genre. Overall, I'd say that it was a pretty decent year in terms of music. It's a rough list, I only had like 20 albums from 2009 so really it wasn't cutting much down. It was also really hard to decide, but here are some of my favorite albums.

10. P.S Eliot - Introverted Romance In Our Troubled Minds

Well, I wanted to make the list varied, but P.S. Eliot made the list anyways. I'm a sucker for pop-punk with girl singers, what can I say? Their catchy punk sound strays from the traditional sound you'd expect with the labels their given and goes above and beyond.

9. Tim Easton - Porcupine
Met this guy at a dim sum restaurant in Chinatown like 3 years ago where they put people at the same table with other people. He handed a CD for his other band E.S.P which is really good also. I got back into him just as this album came out, luckily being able to snag it. It's really good alt-country with sort of a rock n' roll influence to it. Really fun stuff.

8. Pianos Become The Teeth - Old Pride

Probably one of the most blogged about screamo bands, aside from Native that had a decent recording out and didn't sound like it was done in a basement which most of it usually is. Some other choices were Thursday, Midwest Pen Pals, and Merchant Ships.

7. God Help The Girl - God Help The Girl

I literally forgot this album came out in 2009 until I actually looked at my playlist sorting by year. Maybe it's the old style of Belle and Sebastian that gets to me that made me think that. This is actually a soundtrack by Stuart Murdoch of Belle and Sebastian and the movie is in production. The entire thing came in a dream to him. I kind of relate to this because I had a dream about raptors and I'm currently writing a screenplay about it. I'm not kidding.

6. The Pains Of Being Pure At Heart - The Pains Of Being Pure At Heart

Woah, I just made a last minute switch! It was either Edward Sharpe & The Magnetic Zeros or this album for the #6 slot. And... my heart went to The Pains of Being Pure at Heart. It just came down to who could I dance to easier and which one was more fun. Really, indie pop is so much fun.

5. Dananananaykroyd - Hey Everyone

I'm all over the place here. This "fight pop" band is too much fun to leave out. Straight out of Scotland, they play some seriously high energy indie rock. Impossible not to dance to, it's almost contagious.

4. Mika - The Boy Who Knew Too Much

The long awaited album that paid off very well. Mika is probably the only band under "pop" that anybody listens to that avoids the radio. Simply Michael Holbrook Penniman singing excellent sometimes falsetto to catchy backings. I guess you could say "pop with talent".

3. Andrew Jackson Jihad - Can't Maintain

I'll admit, this choice is highly biased. I absolutely love Andrew Jackson Jihad and their release of Operation Stackola didn't make the cut. It's like when Bob Dylan went electric. It's like hearing In The Aeroplane Over The Sea for the first time. It's like... Christmas?

2. Ben Kweller - Changing Horses

Ben Kweller is an alt-country dream. It is impossible to not like Ben Kweller. Actually, it's probably quite possible, I just happen to love him. It features songs from other tracks redone better and put together nicer. This album is really well done despite this. My roomate owns this on vinyl, fun fact.

1. Fishboy - Nom

Ok, Fishboy steals the #1 spot. Yeah, I've loved them since I stumbled upon them under circumstances I can not remember, but I remember asking them where I can buy their CD because they are from Texas and then they sold out online or something. Then, in 8th grade, I went to Texas on a camp trip and got lost in Virgin superstore trying to find it and just kept getting turned down. Despite all this, their new 2009 "EP" I got on a limited edition vinyl first 50 copies and I also got a press release from them a month in advance as you can see my review a couple posts down from when it was released. I feel like a schoolgirl, but yeah, I give Fishboy my #1 spot of the year.

Runner Ups:
Mount Eerie - Wind's Poem
The Builders And The Butchers - Salvation Is A Deep Dark Well
Roman Candle - Oh Tall Tree In The Ear

Well, that wraps up the year. It's Christmas, but it's nothing special so I might stay up late and make a mix CD for anybody that's cool enough to come by on Christmas. Then again, it's gonna stay up so you don't really have to be that cool. Well, have a merry Christmas everybody!

Vic Chesnutt - North Star Deserter

I haven't posted since my initial pair, being occupied by work and traveling home for the holidays. It is a heavy heart that prompts this contribution. Vic Chesnutt, the prolific Athens-based singer-songwriter, committed suicide by overdose today at the age of 45. Chesnutt, a paraplegic as the result of a car accident when he was 18 years old, leaves behind a legacy of haunting, soul-bearing folk music, created both on his own and in collaborations with a diverse list of artists. His 2007 record North Star Deserter features members of Fugazi, Godspeed You! Black Emperor, and Thee Silver Mt. Zion. It's a great starting point for discovering Vic's brand of emotionally raw music. I only wish I could be sharing it on happier terms.

Rest in Peace, Vic.

Download North Star Deserter
Metacritic review of North Star Deserter
Interview with Vic after the release of his latest album, At the Cut.

Chris Clavin - The Roads Don't Lead home, The Roads Lead Everywhere

Like most of Chris's work, this album focuses on everyday life. This one is centered more specifically around traveling, and it is the kind of thing that makes you want to go everywhere. I like this because it seems to sort of follow the history of Plan-It-X, beginning in Bloomington and ending in Gainesville. I am going to Wisconsin this week so I will probably be listening to this a lot on that trip. It is really a great album, if you like his work as Captain Chaos, this is pretty much the same type of thing, just released under his own name.

Here ya go!

Monday, 21 December 2009

P.S. Eliot - Introverted Romance In Our Troubled Minds

Now its time for me to rep the southeast (I'm from Atlanta by the way, and proud of it for the most part...) with some lo-fi/indie/punk with female vocals from Alabama. Amazing lyrics that make you think, which is always awesome, backed by pretty jamtastic music. It's one of those albums that sounds like it was as fun for them to make as it is to listen to, with groovy basslines and jangly guitars and the like.

P.S. I don't know if I posted my name, but its

Stupid Party - Stupid Party

"Openers Stupid Party were even more unappealingly cacophonous with not even a pretense to tune." - Boston Globe

Stupid Party is from Brooklyn. They make noisy garage punk rock tunes. I've seen them a couple of times and I have always really enjoyed it. They do a really good job with catchy guitar riffs and tempo changes. "Sludger" is probably the best song on this album. They played a generator show at a park in Columbus last summer and this is a vinyl rip of their LP. This band rules.


Sunday, 20 December 2009

Destroy Nate Allen/ Nate Allen - Perfect Recipe For A Smile/Don't Let This Smile Fool You

Joy! Hope! Love! Guitar! Tambourine! Nostalgia! Conflict Resolution! Banjo! Cooking! The Perfect Recipe For A Smile. I think Nate and Tessa know what they are talking about because when I opened my mailbox and saw their album inside, all I could do was smile. The packaging is bright, colorful, and full of detail. Also, they are the first artist to send me a physical CD for me to review which is excellent seeing they are entirely DIY. What you're getting with your purchase is really a double album between Destroy Nate Allen and Nate Allen. For the first ten tracks expect Destroy Nate Allen, a sing-along folk punk band from Portland, Oregon. They are a two piece married couple that play high energy interactive shows across the country. Nate Allen then takes over for the next ten with just him and his great grandfathers banjo. He claims to not be able to play the banjo, but just tuned it like a guitar and hoped for the best. I think he did a really excellent job in pulling it off.

I never reviewed a double album before, so let's just start off with A Perfect Recipe For A Smile. Tessa wrote her first songs "Turns Out You're Perfect For Me" and "Recipe". "Recipe" takes place from when they made a bad batch of pancakes and is a reminder to follow directions. This track definitely reinforces their claim to be "Children songs for adults" showing an urgency to stick to the recipe. Some of my favorite tracks "His Lips Are Sealed Hallelujah" and "White Flag" were written together and are a true collaboration of efforts. Destroy Nate Allen really pulls my attention in the rock n' roll inspired tracks "Loving You", "Anchors Away", and the Tessa-written track "Turns Out You're Perfect For Me" which is a loving song that will have you singing along even when there's nobody else to sing along with. You can tell their music is really about the love for the music, friends, and for each-other. Destroy Nate Allen will truly make you smile no matter what.

Don't Let This Smile Fool You is yet again Nate Allen's solo work on his great grandfather's guitar. It's a collection of short, sentimental, D.I.Y pop songs. It's a more restrained, honest banjo/ukulele playing that focuses on the lyrics more than instrumentation. It starts off with a quick banjo-poppy track called "Phil Collins" with the lyric "I'm not Phil Collins, but I might be Henry Rollins, banging out a tune on this old banjo" which really sets up the album to what it's about. The momentum is carried to track 3, "35, 35, 35" which tunes it down with some affectionately nostalgic lyrics. My favorite track has to be "Glow In The Dark" which is an adorable piece with the chorus "Hold my hand, we'll glow in the dark together". Overall, you're going to love the stripped down Nate Allen solo work that he's done.

Destroy Nate Allen is one of the most honest, catchy, sing-along, nostalgic duos I have ever listened to. It's entirely impossible to not smile when listening to this album when both of the albums are full of love for everything. You can get their albums on any of the links below and I highly recommend buying the physical CD. The packaging is amazing and will look great in your collection. If that hasn't sold you, all the lyrics AND tabs are in the in the insert so you can play their songs for your friends and sing along. I look forward to seeing more from this truly folk punk duo.

Friday, 18 December 2009

Quiet Eyes Road - EP

I've always been a fan of I Found This Song in the Road and it's introduced me to a heap ton of bands. As such, it's only fair that my first post introduces a band that's a little off the beat and track. Quiet Eyes Road is a cool band from Richmond, Virginia fronted by Andrew Inge that crafts emotional songs with insightful lyrics . Citing Brand New and Manchester Orchestra as influences, QuEeR (that's right, the band accepts and encourages the amusing acronym) creates a soundtrack that's perfect for the week after a gnarly weekend of partying. The beautiful sounds of regret rock.

Become hep to my jive:

forgetters - Live bootleg

If you haven't heard of forgetters you are missing out. Blake Schwarzenbach(ex-Jawbreaker, ex-Jets to Brazil, ex-Thorns of Life) along with a former drummer of Against Me! Kevin Mahon and Caroline Paquita on bass. This Monday night I was in the presence of Blake, five feet away for about 45 minutes straight. forgetters put on an amazing show, if you are a fan of Jawbreaker at all you will love this. As of yet they do not have any releases so your only bet is to find live bootlegs like the one of Monday night's show in Charlotte. I think there is one more out there that I know of, I'm not sure on the track listing on the other one.
Not my link, sorry for lack of song titles, here is what I think they are called based on the set list my friend nabbed and the charts.
1. Red Dress (sometimes called Vampire Lessons)
3. Black Art (this is my favorite so far)
4. Hoop and Swan
5. Night Accelerates
6. Someone's Gonna Love Me Someday
7. Not Immune
8. Not Funny
9. Stupid Lib

re-upped, better quality this time

Fishboy - Nom

Fishboy of Denton, Texas has granted us a press release of their EP entitled Nom being released August 18th. I have been awaiting this album since it's announce months before. I got a press release before it came out and posted it on my now dead blog whokilledpop and never put it up here. I bought the vinyl limited edition copy and it's definitely worth the buy for the art and the vinyl quality. This band is in my top 5 all time favorite artists, been listening to them since like 2002 when they were incredibly tiny. It seems that they are having a show soon in Texas to announce a 2010 album that I'm excited to hear about.

The album will be released on 12" vinyl and some hand screened CD-rs. Fishboy did the vocals and then sent them to their goods friends the band The Om Nom Noms to do the instrumentals. The two compliment each other so well that you would never know that neither had any input on each other. The songs are rejects of their last rock opera the would confuse the story or just didn't flow. The album puts out some catchy indie fun into always amusing lyrics that you would have to be a fool to not smile at. In Nom, Fishboy proves their development from a basement solo project to a group of fun, creativity, and pure indie rock fun with a hint of twee. I have been a fan of Fishboy for quite a long time and I can not wait to own this on vinyl and CD. Happy Birthday To Me Records is putting this all out and you can get their last album and rock opera "Albatross: How We Failed To Save The Lone Star State With The Power Of Rock And Roll" along with their previous album "Little D" for just 10 dollars combined! They are also going to release a west coast tour to take place after their album release.

Here is a little description of the band, album, and such from Eric himself:
Originally the bedroom solo project of Eric Michener that began in 1998, Fishboy has taken on many forms. The past five years have seen the group transformed into a four-piece rock band that released 2007's Albatross: How We Failed to Save the Lone Star State with the Power of Rock and Roll, hailed by some as "The world's greatest twee rock opera" and by others as "The world's only twee rock opera." The band has repeatedly toured the nation, playing said rock opera to all who would listen. A great time was had by most. But let's back up. To fully understand the latest Fishboy EP, two nuggets of truth are needed:

Nugget #1: The writing process of Albatross was 95% linear, in that nearly every track was written in the order it appears on the album. After the first song was completed, some thought was put into where to take the storyline and the musical flow of the album. Oftentimes full songs were completed and then scrapped because one of these two things wasn't working out -- either the plot came to a dead end or the flow of the album didn't work. When it was time to start the follow up to Albatross, it became clear that any attempt to use these songs would result in a lyrically confused mess of an album. Not that the songs weren't good; they were just abandoned plot lines to an alternate rock opera reality. And so a plan was hatched.

Nugget #2: Instead of gathering the band together to spend precious writing and arranging hours on these songs, the decision was made to blindly put them in the hands of a group of musicians with nothing to lose. Michener decided to hand over all musical duties and decisions to a local Denton, TX group of super-producers known as the Om Nom Noms. Michener took one trip into the studio, recorded vocals and scratch guitar, the guitar was deleted, and the Noms reconstructed the songs however they saw fit. Some upbeat songs became ambient, some hushed finger picked songs became rockers, and anything was possible in between.

The nine-song EP was titled NOM, not only after its creators, but after the sound of something eating another. It arrives on August 18th and will be pressed on 12" vinyl with album sleeves that double as fold-out prints hand-screened by the band themselves, for sale on and distributed to select stores via HHBTM Records. The first 100 orders will receive unique packaging and a lot of little extras to be announced in detail once the preorder site launches later this month.

Check them out and buy the album at: (last album)

Here are 2 promo tracks to download. "Cobra Cobra" and "Gabe Saucedo Hates My Guts"

Thursday, 17 December 2009

The Sleepy Jackson - Personality

For those of you who were lucky enough to hear Empire of the Sun when I posted them almost a year ago, you will appreciate this album. Luke Steele is the front man of this group, who you will recognize simply by his distinctive voice. I haven't listened to this album as much as I should have because it is a masterpiece on its own. If you enjoy Empire of the Sun, you will enjoy the relaxing tunes of The Sleepy Jackson, especially during the holidays. For those of you who have no idea who Empire of the Sun is, I recommend that you get your hands on the album before they get played out. Enjoy!

Download in comments as always.


Gangstagrass - Gangstagrass

Gangstagrass is a band that I heard about a while ago from thunderboltjackson(R.I.P the blog). It's a grand blend of gangster rap and bluegrass combining some excellent fingerpicking bajos and deep bass beats. This is probably the most ridiculous mashup album I have ever encountered. Well, at least one of them. Get it direct from their website for free.

"calling on the spirit of Gram Parsons and Otis Redding and KRS-ONE and Dolly Parton and Nina Simone and Willie Nelson and Missy Elliott and Johnny Cash , to write about what we feel and play what our hearts tell us, because to make it happen is reason enough, and to share it with the world is all the reason you need, because we tell the truth with music and the truth is beautiful."


Wednesday, 16 December 2009

Spoonboy - I Love You; This Is a Robbery

Hey everyone, here's Spoonboy's album I Love You; This Is a Robbery. Spoonboy is the singer/guitarist/songwriter for the DC pop punk band The Max Levine Ensemble. For anyone who doesn't know TMLE, I highly recommend checking them out, you can download all of their stuff on their site.

If you don't want to check them out on your own, I will probably post some of their music later. Anyway, I Love You; This Is a Robbery is, in my opinion, one of the best Plan-It-X releases and one of the best folk/pop/punk records out there. The songs are super catchy and easy to sing along to, but also very emotional and easy to connect to. Spoonboy also does a lot of touring, if he comes to your town you should really go see him, he is a very nice guy who plays great music.

Alrite, here it is

Tuesday, 15 December 2009

The Builders and the Butchers - Salvation Is A Deep Dark Well

Today is a Builders and the Butchers day. I'm on and off addicted to them, specifically the track "Vampire Lake" which is kind of like a Pine Hill Haints indie/folk upbeat jam. Actually, the entire album is kind of like Pine Hill Haints with their various instruments(mandolin, horns, ect.), but with a much different feel because of the vocalist's higher voice. This is a 2009 album so keep a look-out for it in my "Top Albums of 2009" list, because I think it's up there.

Two Hand Fools - Who's Driving?

Well, I had planned for my next post to be Spoonboy, but I decided that with all of the folk-punk going on I'd post some catchy punk rock coming from Ohio instead. These guys (and one girl) from Cleveland are punk with a little pop and that little touch in there that makes you want to sing along with every word. This isn't their most recent release, they have a newer EP up on worth a listen because of how memorizable (yeah, I just made up a word) every song on this album is. Not because it is really simple, but because of the sheer catchiness (Yeah, I made up another word) that they have in there.

Monday, 14 December 2009

Slug's Revenge "Revenge is Never a Four Letter Word"

Slug's Revenge is a heavily political anarchist acoustic folk punk bluegrass artist named Kevin. I first saw Slug's Revenge in July of 2007 at an event outside my hometown called the Skunk Ape Traveling Circus Tour where Kevin was playing with artists such as the Michael Jordan Touchdown Pass, Mischief Brew, Wingnut Dishwasher's Union, Whiskey Smile, and Armed Metropolis.

His unique style of bluegrass folk punk is what turned me onto him at first. Mandolins and banjos don't typically catch my fancy, but watching his bluegrass-virtuoso finger style was just far too impressive to forget about. This album is well produced and pulls together all of the elements of his performance with further instrumental contributions including an accordion on "Dailey's Jam". Bluegrass folk punk is hardly attempted let alone done so well. If you end up listening to this album you'll soon catch on to what he's laying down and his mission. Exhuming the ancient art of using folk music for a political goal, Slug's Revenge makes good use of channeling his energies and beliefs into his music. Pick up what he's putting down, guys. Save Appalachia.

Slug's Revenge is apart of the Rusty Strings Collective. You can visit his website at where his discography is available for download, or his Myspace at

"An organization that's fights wars based on lies and deceit, will lie to and deceive you to get you to fight it for 'em!" -Slug's Revenge, "Notes on Military Recruitment"

The Avett Brothers, Live Vol. II

Sometimes it gets really hard not to become one of "those" fans. The guys who constantly insist that the only good material by a band was their earlier stuff, from "before they got popular". With homestate heroes, The Avett Brothers, it is in fact very easy to be one of "those" fans. The brother's latest offering, I And Love And You could best be described as beautiful, brilliant, creative, and disappointing. Their debut for American Records just reeks of Rick Rubin, glossy overproduction and a disconnected feeling. I guess it's not fair to complain, the years and many albums the Avett Brothers have put out have been a wonderful labor of love and devotion to their fans and their fellow man. They have poured their hearts into every album they have ever recorded, including the newest, and with the exception of the newest every album endears you with it's rough edges, it's sweet saccharine honesty.
The Avett's are some of the finest live musicians to boot, sounding almost better live than on album with even rougher edges and truer honesty. This live recording is a benchmark of their early career containing the best versions of some of their classic songs like "I Killed Sally's Lover", "November Blue", and "Smoke In Our Lights". If you care at all for alt. country, grungegrass, americana folk rock, beautiful voices, deft non-traditional bluegrass instrumentation then this is a live album for your collection

Sunday, 13 December 2009

Trains Across The Sea - Monster House

Trains Across The Sea are a two piece folk band from Columbus, Ohio. They play shows all over and they're a blast to see. This is a live recording from Monster House, a punk house in Columbus. They have everything they released free on their website, including a Woody Guthrie cover album, and you should check them all out. My favorite song on this recording is "I Just Want To Get Paid".
You can even choose the format you want to download their music in! The only thing better than free music is free music in a FLAC format! Check it out!



Lemuria - Get Better

As we've recently discovered, thanks to another contributor to this blog, Wignut Dishwashers Union will tell us that girls can sing rock'n'roll... and Lemuria further emphasises his point.

It was only a matter of time until before this record became part of the I Found This Song In The Road archive. Nearly every pop-punk fan I speak to has spent the past three or four months (at the very least) with Lemuria's Get Better on repeat. Unable to get the catchy pop-punk hooks matched with soft, modest vocals out of my head, I have officially become one of those people who simply can not take this album off rotation.

Lemuria has had splits with everyone's favourite near-sighted three, The Ergs, as well as Off With Their Heads and Kind of Like Spitting -- all of which deserve a thorough listen.

The band starts a new tour on December 26th, dates can be found on their myspace. I strongly suggest checking them out if you get the chance!


Saturday, 12 December 2009

Mu330 - Crab Rangoon

I've been chewing over what my next post should be on this blog and I have come to the conclusion that the only thing I COULD post would have to be Mu330's Crab Rangoon. Mu330 were a highly underrated band from the mid to late 90's playing what they dubbed as Psycho-Ska. I am yet to come across any ska bands, whether back in the 90's or in the last decade that come anywhere close to sounding like Mu330. Lead singer Dan Potthast's strong, unique voice stands out as the centerpiece of this band along with the typical tongue-in-cheek lyrics of your usual ska band. This is a must have if you consider yourself a fan of 3rd-wave ska!

Good Luck - Into Lake Griffy

Good Luck is a punk/pop-punk band from Bloomington, Indiana comprised of past members of Matty Pop Chart, One Reason, K-10 Prospect, Abe Froman, Mt. Gigantic, Bodyhammer, and Los Gatos Negros. Basically the greatest bands ever formed into one massive pop-punk glory. I related Hello Hawk to them and never realized that I didn't post them. Oh my, this will make you happy no matter what so please please please give it a listen. I put "Public Radio" and "Man On Fire" on loop, they are my favorite tracks.

Psyched to Die - Year One

Mike Yannich has been in enough different bands that we could probably justify creating a new blog just to keep tabs on what he's up too. Currently at the vanguard of his post-Ergs! acts is Psyched to Die, a collaboration with former members of For Science and Fast Times, among others. Year One is a collection of the group's first three releases, comprising of a 2008 demo and a pair of 7 inches from '09. They plow through 15 tracks in a 30 minute thrash that draws heavily on the influence of '80s hardcore while maintaining the irrepressible catchiness that you'd come to expect from dudes with this kind of pop-punk pedigree. Lyrically, they are morbidly and delightfully over-the-top, with shared vocals by Yannich and bassist J Nixon raving about giving up and going out with a blast. I have no idea what the status of the group is now that Mike has left the Garden State for Minneapolis (they recently played a show at Jersey's Asbury Lanes without him), but they've made one hell of an early impression.

Download Year One
Visit their Myspace
Read an interview with Mike Yannich, published in May


Thursday, 10 December 2009

Cheeky - What the Heck?

Another member of the new contributer parade here! I'll be posting with the nom de blog Potatoes O'Grady for now, because hey, it just feels kinky. I live in Athens, GA, and hopefully I'll be providing y'all with lots of fun, unheard stuff from here and wherever else. First up, here's the farewell 12" from one of my favorite gone-too-soon bands, Cheeky.
Cheeky was three ladies and a dude based in Brooklyn, playing some of the brattiest, catchiest punk rock to be pumped out in recent memory. Razorcake called them a throwback to the old 90s Recess Records catalog, and the description certainly fits. They played their final shows last month, leaving behind a couple of releases that didn't even combine for a half-hour in length, but will stick in your head for a lot longer than that. The album's only been available on vinyl so far, but a friend of mine ripped it for me, and here I pass it on to you. You can also check out their debut EP, Choke on a Cheeseburger, for free on Quote Unquote Records. So give 'em a listen, maybe drop a couple o' bucks in their donation box, and make sure to watch out for future projects from Kate, Kate, Angie, and Brian.

Download What the Heck?
Visit the Myspace


Failed Attempts at Facial Hair - Girls, Friends, and Girlfriends

Hey everybody, I'm gonna start off by, like many people below me, introducing myself. My name is Jake and I am from Ardmore, Pennsylvania. It's outside of Philly.

Ok. Failed Attempts at Facial Hair is John Crodian singing songs with a ukulele, a guitar, and even unaccompanied. His songs are about everything from bad haircuts to sleeveless t-shirts to falling in love outside a Napalm Death show. You should listen to this album if you need music to affirm what you are feeling, whether that is contentment, alienation, or anything in between. These songs ring true for anyone who has ever grown up in the suburbs or been through high school and they need to be heard by everyone.

Download it here:

Also: My page is If you see anything there you would like, let me know!

The Taxpayers - A Rythym In The Cages

Let me start off by saying that if you hate bobbing your head, and singing along to songs then you probably shouldn't get this album. The Taxpayers go from Hardcore Punk "White Walls" to Good 'ol sing-songy acoustic/folk Punk in "Bike Cops" to the ridiculously catchy "Militaristic Kitchen" and they do it with some sort of superhuman finesse. Now a part of the Quote Unquote Records gang (that includes Bomb The Music Industry! and O Pioneers!) a lot more people are hearing about them, and that is just too awesome because these guys deserve it. Hailing from Portland, Oregon they have an upcoming tour going down the west coast, so if you are out there definitely hit them up if you can.

Wednesday, 9 December 2009

Ethan the Master of the Hawaiian Ukulele

Oh and hell yeah I've got some music for you!

So Real (Self)

Take It Out Of Our Deposit

These are two LPs from Ethan the Master of the Hawaiian Ukulele from Austin, Texas. I came across his music by chance one day just clickin' around. Even though he is the master of the Hawaiian ukulele, this is mainly guitar and vocals indie-folk/blues sort of deal with pop influences. His lyrics are heartfelt and honest. Not like in a Paul Baribeau cute sort of way. Just honest and real. He writes awesome progressions and softly speaks his mind to anyone who will listen. If you like Erin Tobey at all (of Plan-it-X/Abe Froman fame) then this might be right up your alley.

Hear it for Yo'self! (link from

That's all I got for you right now. Lemme know what you think of it.

Hello, world!

Hey, ya'll. My name is Mike V. I hail from Philadelphia, PA. I just joined this collaborative effort to spread sounds. I spend a lot of time listening to as much music as possible so as you could imagine I have quite a bit to share, and I like sharing. But let's not forget the real people who are sharing their work, the artists. If anyone out there wants to do something cool over this coming Winter break, you should find out an address to one of your favorite musicians and send him or her or them letters. I'm talkin' really cool letters and maybe even mix cds. How awesome would it be if one of your favorite artists ended up liking the same stuff as you? It's not that farfetch'd! So yeah, in exchange for me sharing with you guys and them sharing with all of us, I think we should all make at least an attempt at this before the year ends. Let me know how it turns out. I'm excited for the both of us.

Yours truly, Mike V.

PS. Oh and do yourself and everyone you know a favor and try not to overplay that Vince Guaraldi Trio album this year. Happy Holidays!

Drunken Boat - Drunken Boat

Drunken Boat is from Portland. They play really gritty pop punk songs filled with mostly indistinguishable lyrics. 1-2-3-4 GO! Records released their first self titled full length, and it's 27 minutes of simple four chord punk rock that is comparable to the first time I ever listened to Jawbreaker. They remind me of Punkin Pie a little bit, due to their similar song structures and boy-girl vocals, but there's nothing cute about this band. With loneliness, factory layoffs, death, and religion being Drunken Boat's primary targets, idealism, hope, and catchy choruses seem to outweigh everything else.
This came out in 2006, maybe this is old news, but either way, here is the link in a nice v0 mp3 for everyone.

- alexkillscops

Great Bloomers - Speak of Trouble

Hello! My name's Rachael, this is my first time posting here. I aim to give you guys at least one album or demo to hear every week -- maybe more? Hopefully more! Most of these will be from my homeland of Canada, and I hope you enjoy them as much as I do.
Any suggestions? Feel free to send a URL my way. I am happy to give absolutely anything a listen.

As soon as I discovered that I'd have the opportunity to contribute to this blog, I didn't have think twice about the first record I wanted to feature. I want to keep my "pitch" for this record simple and to the point so you're able to skip all my babble and get to the music as quickly as you can:
LastFM describes Great Bloomers' sound as "rollickin’ piano-based country-tinged college rock" with "delicious hooks, stunning harmonies, expert musicianship and songwriting well beyond their years". I especially enjoy tracks 1, 6 and 7.

Be sure to pick up their self titled EP as well, which is easily another one of my favourites.

Tuesday, 8 December 2009

Mischief Brew/Andrew Jackson Jihad Split

So for my first contribution to this blog I thought I would post something that I've been greatly enjoying for the last few days. If you've been following this blog you are probably pretty familiar with each of these bands. For this split both bands recorded two different versions of one song each, one electric and one acoustic. I'm a little disappointed in the lack of more material on this release, but Mischief Brew's offering on this release is one captivating song that there is hardly any need for more. At first I was more interested in the Andrew Jackson Jihad side of the split, being that they have been one of my favorite bands over the last year or so but MB definitely outshines them on this one.

*note, this link was not provided by myself. if the link goes dead I will happily re-up, just leave me a comment on
or email me at

Wingnut Dishwasher's Union - Burn The Earth, Leave it Behind

Hi I'm Juleon and I'll be posting (hopefully) a couple of times a week. Definitely e-mail me any requests or anything you have at Now on to the music!

Wingnut Dishwsher's Union is one man, Pat the Bunny, playing the most amazing punk rock you will ever hear. An anarchist from southern Vermont he will definitely bring out the revolutionary even in the softest of souls. As one of my favorite albums I'm going to tell you that you have to at least try it if you are a fan of folk-punk, anarchist lyrics, or punk in general. As I was writing this I found out that Pat has entered himself in a year-long rehab program and may not play any music once he comes out so this might be the last Wingnut release ever.

Lamar Holley - Confessions of a College Student

J-Dawg, checking in

Lamar Holley is a man clearly in control of his instruments, if not his emotions. Emotional, but never angsty, Holley bares his soul in a stylized tale of college life that is equal parts auto-biography and romanticized indie sensibility.
That's not to say that it's all high-concept hipster irony at play here. Confessions of a College Student stands out not just as a debut album with a clever theme, but also as the first sign of an artist that I'm sure we'll all hear more from in the future. This is one slickly produced album, and Lamar Holley is quite a talent. This album is being billed as a "one-man pop-musical", and indeed, the range of instrument proficiency shown is staggering. Every note comes across crisp and clean, and his choir background really comes through not only in his chipper stylings but also in the narrative nature of the lyrics.
But these are no tired show-tunes. Every track seems to contain it's own gem of a well executed pop influence. "Forgotten Friends" wears it's Beach Boys and Beatles influences on it's tear soaked sleeves, and "Slow Dance" would not sound out of place in a play-list of downbeat Queen B-sides. Holley's stylistic callbacks will pepper your entire vinyl collection like a shotgun blast, and his range of influences manage to keep every song fresh without ever straining the albums continuity.
While Confessions of a College Student may frighten some off with it's stylings as a soundtrack to a non-existent musical, I defy anyone to try out a track like "Biology" and not find themselves taken in by Lamar Holley's enthusiasm and talent. He's similar to the likes of Math The Band, Harry and the Potters, Ben Folds, and Lemon Demon but he's got a Beatle-esque poppy feel to him that pretty much anybody can enjoy!

Check out promo tracks "Biology" and "Pretend That She's Ugly".

Buy the full album at:

Sunday, 6 December 2009

The New Enemy - Shakedown EP

Dearest apologies to any bands that emailed me their work for review. I'm backed up with schoolwork and finals are around the corner. I'm getting to them slowly but surely. This is one from a while ago, I posted their first EP a while back and this is their second. I think you'll like this hardcore punk band. They play fast and loud. You can get their EP for free below.

The Gunshy - Souls

What started as a couple of guys in an attic with an eight track machine has become what is now known only as The Gunshy. Matt Arbogast uses the name to hide himself from what his songs are saying. He has the voice of Tom Waits and just released a split with Andrew Jackson Jihad(Or is going to soon, I haven't been able to find much on it).
10th track was corrupted, download it here.

Saturday, 5 December 2009

Secondstar - Teeth EP

So, uh, hey mans and lady-likes! So, yeah, since the last time I posted I've listened to a sizable cros-section of the musical universe and I gotta tell ya it's been a fun ride. The thing I'ma give y'all today, though, is a recent acquisition. It's an EP by this band called Secondstar I found through a blog called 3hive. If you dig Justin Vernon, aka Bon Iver, and think it'd be a dream scenario if he and Leslie Feist had a child, and that child grew up dejected from the neglect brought about by the rigors of his parents' touring, and then that child got some instruments and made some music in a damp basement, well, here ya go!

If that's off-putting, which it might be because I'm pretty outta shape with my review writing, we'll go with "it makes me smile, even though it shouldn't". Pretty stuff. Feels far away: an originally hazy dream you can now only scarcely recall, or a best friend that moved away when you were in the third grade.


P.S. I bought it on CD Baby for $5 if anyone gives a frig.

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Friday, 27 November 2009

Park Ranger Barkwood - We Are Not Brothers EP

A super fun emo band from Orlando, Florida. They are are two-piece but they are not brothers.

Jocks On Bikes = Love.


Thursday, 26 November 2009

Thanksgiving - Cave Days And Moments

Happy Thanksgiving, everybody! This festive solo title is given to Adrian Orange who is also a great musician from Portland, Oregon. This album features many genres combined which Adrian draws influence from and though it's a solo act, he collaborates with many other notable artists.

Anyways, Happy Thanksgiving! I just wanted to post this, but I'm running late to some family extravaganza or something so I'll keep this short. Post in the comments something you're thankful for(Just for fun!)

Tuesday, 24 November 2009

Persona - OST

This may be the closest wandererofys gets to liking one of my uploads. It was him who got me into this series in the first place. There's a lot of variation to the sounds, going between rock numbers to soft piano pieces and even a few techno-ish sounds. The distinct trend with these songs is the combination of dark undertones over lighter overtones, perfectly reflecing the theme of light and darkness in the game.