Tuesday, 24 August 2010

Glocca Morra/The Greek Favourites - Songs in the Key of Ayyyyyy

Reblog from IYMI:

Glocca Morra / The Greek Favourites - Songs in the Key of Ayyyyyy

This split is a refreshing chapter in the ever expanding book of noodle. Both GM and TGF apply the visceral, passionate, and strung out aggression that drew me to punk-rock from the very beginning while maintaining an air of maturity (without arrogance) that is almost lost in both punk and indie music. Glocca Morra, moving to Philadelphia on a whim from Miami, FL, have busted their asses to prove themselves as a permanent fixture. The Greek Favourites formed in the Pocono's (PA), growing up with neighbors like The Holy Mess (and slightly further neighbors The Menzingers, Captain We're Sinking, etc). A real gem of eastern Pa. Can't wait to see what's in store for these dudes. - Tony Godino of Dead Industry Booking

I played with both these bands when I came through Louisville, KY on The State Lottery tour. Amidst a 7 band show, both bands definitely stuck with me. Check out this awesome split from two up and coming Philly bands. Also look for a physical release in the near future.

FREE DOWNLOAD : http://www.ifyoumakeit.com/album/glocca-morra-the-greek-favourites/songs-in-the-key-of-ayyyyyy/

Trust me, you want this. I'm a little late, but I got caught up in some road trips and forgot to post this.

The Sarcastic Dharma Society - Sannyasa Songs (of Love)

The Sarcastic Dharma Society from Portland, Oregon is the sometimes solo-project of Mat Vuksinich in which Katherine Vuksinich adds some violin on The Light in this album. He's quickly become a favorite on the cllct collective and has informed me of his new album off Less Than Three Records. Sannyasa Songs is a quieter follow up to his previously posted album Other People's Songs(Volume 1) which took an acoustic approach to some of my favorite artists.

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Sunday, 22 August 2010

Prawn - Summer Tour 2010 Tape

Prawn's Summer Tour Tape of 2010 Tape has been released for free. Actually, their discography is free so just get everything they ever put out. For fans of Palmkite, My Head In Clouds, and Boys & Sex.

Summer Tour 2010
False Institutions

Science Fair - Get Real/Get Dead

Ex christopherwalken and The Manhattan Project from Philadelphia/Lehigh Valley. They just played their first show last Thursday at Burners and are quickly picking up internet hype despite just releasing their first demo. They provide angry ex-boyfriend music including lyrics like, "and on every shooting star, I wish your life a living hell" in ...And The High Horse You Rode In On combined with Clerks samples in A Series Of Down Endings. Listen to them if you enjoyed christopherwalken's demo, are a fan of Snowing, Hightide Hotel, or are looking for something new to the scene. Three out of five of their songs are re-recorded/renamed christopherwalken songs, but they sound so much more rad through Science Fair. Definitely check them out.


Wednesday, 18 August 2010

Coping - Demo

Chicago band with members of Lautrec, SPREAD SHEETS, Damages, and Your Favorite Kind of Cigarettes, Coping is definitely on loop right now. "Seniors" is one of the best things I've heard this month.

Download their 2 track demo for free:

Check out 5 tracks for streaming off their bandcamp:

Monday, 2 August 2010

Summer Songs For The Road Mix #1

Summer is winding down, though still going strong. It is a time for friendship, carelessness, and most importantly: driving endlessly. This is a compilation of songs that evoke such feelings during these warm sunny months. There are more mix tapes to come.

Algernon Cadwallader - Spit Fountain
Ghosts And Vodka - Cowboys And Sailors
Snowing - Methuselah Rookie Card
Street Smart Cyclist - Pastor of Puppets
Pirouette - Charmeleons Ghost Skip
Cap'n Jazz - Que Suerte!
Footnotes - Girls
Park Ranger Barkwood - Jocks On Bikes
Hightide Hotel - The Tender And The Terrible
Touche Amore - Adieux
Merchant Ships - Let's Exchange Word Vomit
La Dispute - Such Small Hands
Halfway To Holland - This Page Is Intentionally Blank
Suis La Lune - Utter Silence Is Fragile
La Quiete - Super Omega
Merchant Ships - Old Grey
Corcovado - Money Shot


Feel free to distribute, but give credit where it is due. Also, recognize that these tracks are for promo use only.


Barrett Records Summer Sampler 2010

Check out Barrett Records, an independent label from Ann Arbor, Michigan. Here's their Summer Sampler featuring Transit, Caleb Lionheart, In Bear Country, Defeo, Sakes Alive!!, The Sister Lovers, Bike Tuff, Lights at Sea, Merrimac, and The Bravest Kids. They have ridiculously good pop-punk including just signed Crucial Dudes which I am very excited about.

Download it here!
Check out more from Barrett Records.