Mix Tapes

Summer is winding down, though still going strong. It is a time for friendship, carelessness, and most importantly: driving endlessly. This is a compilation of songs that evoke such feelings during these warm sunny months. There are more mix tapes to come.

Algernon Cadwallader - Spit Fountain
 Ghosts And Vodka - Cowboys And Sailors 
Snowing - Methuselah Rookie CardStreet Smart Cyclist - Pastor of Puppets
Pirouette - Charmeleons Ghost Skip
Cap'n Jazz - Que Suerte!
Footnotes - Girls
Park Ranger Barkwood - Jocks On Bikes
Hightide Hotel - The Tender And The Terrible
Touche Amore - Adieux
Merchant Ships - Let's Exchange Word Vomit
La Dispute - Such Small Hands
Halfway To Holland - This Page Is Intentionally Blank
Suis La Lune - Utter Silence Is Fragile
La Quiete - Super Omega
Merchant Ships - Old Grey
Corcovado - Money Shot


Feel free to distribute, but give credit where it is due. Also, recognize that these tracks are for promo use only.

I made a dubstep mix. It's my first attempt at this type of thing as I normally make non-electronica mixes. It's gonna be played Sunday at my dubstep event thing. Happy Valentine's Day! I hope you enjoy it despite some things not flowing as properly as I'd like them.


I found this mix in the road. It's one that I made a long time ago to make people smile.