Wednesday, 28 April 2010

Cap'n Jazz - Double LP Vinyl Pre-Order

Cap'n Jazz's
seminal discography Analphabetapolothology, is now available on vinyl for the first time. Over a decade after the CD anthology release, Jade Tree is proud to give record the full-featured vinyl issue that it deserves. This double LP, cut from the original high resolution source masters and pressed at RTI, is packaged in a deluxe gatefold jacket with a full color, full size, 8 page booklet. The booklet features never before seen photos, fliers, and extensive liner notes by Tim Kinsella. The package also includes high quality MP3 downloads of all tracks and 10 additional songs from the original anthology.

caP’n Jazz was:
Michael Kinsella — the drums and vocals.
Tim Kinsella — the words etcetera.
Victor Villareal — the guitar and vocals.
Davey vonBohlen — 2nd guitar and vocals on sides A, B, & C.
Sam Zurick — the bass guitar.

SIDES A & B. Originally released as “Burritos, inspiration point, fork balloon sports. cards in the spokes, automatic biographies, kites, kung fu, trophies, banana peels we’ve slipped on and egg shells we’ve tippy toed over.” LP/CD on Mark Pearsall and Mike Corley’s Man With Gun Records. Recorded December 1994 by Casey Rice at
Idful Music Corporation. “Kitty, kitty cats” on Little League by Anja Westerweck. “I’m dying to tell you I’m dying. I don’t need a reason” on Yes, I Am Talking To You are Bob Nanna’s words. Refer to Friction’s “Auburn” ca. 1994. Kevin J. Frank appears on the piano in Bluegrass.

TAKE ON ME. TOKYO. OOH DO I LOVE YOU. HEY MA... except for Take on Me, none of these recordings were ever considered finished or intended to be released. Take on Me was supposed to be on some 80’s covers comp. which apparently never came to fruition and Hey Ma... ended up on Matt Werth’s File 13 Records’ “We’ve Lost Beauty” comp. It features Mike doing most of the singing while Tim harmonica’d. Recorded March 1995 by Rob Roy Campbell. Mixed by Elliot Dicks.

FORGET WHO WE ARE. OLERUD. The last two songs we ever wrote and polar opposites of each other. Written in the “C” tuning now made infamous by the Promise Ring. Recorded live by Aadam Jacob’s Sonic Archives Mobile Recording Unit at the Fireside Bowl, July 7, 1995 - our last show in Chicago.

WE ARE SCIENTISTS! SEA TEA. TROUBLED BY INSECTS. originally released as “Sometimes if you stand further away from something, it does not seem as big. Sometimes you can stand so close to something you can not tell what you are looking at.” 7” on Underdog Records. Recorded October 1993 by Neal Jensen and Kevin J. at Old Plank. Kevin also played guitar noise on Sea Tea. ROCKY ROCOCO. was recorded at the same time and originally released on the “Nothing Dies With Blue Skies” split 7” with Friction on Scott Snot’s own Shakefork Records. All 4 tracks include guest bass player Sudden Porthole.

AOK. SERGIO VALENTE. originally released on “Boys 16-18 Years . . . Age of Action” 7”
on Further Beyond Records. Recorded March 1993 by Neal Jensen at Old Plank. Backing vocals on Sergio Valente by Erik Bocek, Keven J., Neal, Aaron Lipke,
and Shane Mason.

This compilation was compiled by Casey Rice at Dhanse Howll Qlazikx, October 1997. It has been abridged for this vinyl edition. The accompanying digital download includes all songs from the 1998 CD release.

Mastered by Alan Douches at West West Side Music, NJ and Paul Gold at Salt Mastering, NY.

All songs published by Frizzle Ma Dazzle (SESAC) / Jean-Pierre Leaud ca. 1965 Music (SESAC) / Music Songs Music (SESAC) / Toby the Cat Music (SESAC) / Tornado Country Music (SESAC) except “Take on Me” which was written by A-HA and published
by Sony/ATV Songs LLC OBO Samp-UK Ltd. Live photos on jacket except the trumpet photo are by Scallen. Others by Kevin J., Jenny Tabor, Donna Kinsella, the band and friends. LP design by Paul Koob, based on the original CD design by Jason Gnewikow at The Collection Agency.

Jade Tree: 2310 Kennwynn Rd Wilmington, DE 19810.
( C ) 2010 Jade Tree & ( P ) 1998 Jade Tree. JT1036

Pressing Details
300 White



July 10 Louisville, KY @ Forecastle Fest (Tickets)
July 17 Chicago, IL @ The Bottom Lounge (Sold Out)
July 18 Chicago, IL @ The Bottom Lounge (Sold Out)
July 23 Washington, DC @ The Black Cat (Tickets)
July 24 Philadelphia, PA @ Starlight Ballroom (Sold Out)
August 27 San Francisco, CA @ Bimbo's 365 Club (Tickets)
August 28 Los Angeles, CA @ Echoplex (Tickets)

More TBA!

Guess who got the White Double Vinyl Limited 300 + Tee shirt package? Also, guess who's poor? That would be me! Who is going to spend another 15 dollars the second New York City tickets are released? I am!


Tuesday, 20 April 2010

M-Phazes - Good Gracious

Hey, it's me again with more Aussie hip hop, because there's a good chance most of you haven't downloaded it, and this is a good oppourtunity to do so. Good Gracious is not so much about M-Phazes as it is about many artists active in the aussie hip hop scene right now, with appearances from Drapht, Mantra (one of the guys behind illzilla) Muph and Plutonic, Dialectrix and more. It's got energy and solid beats, and paints a picture of a man struggling to get to the top, a rap about elvis and a cold yet accurate potrayal of drunk night life in Australian cities.

Wednesday, 7 April 2010

Cain and Abel - Up North

This album is poppy. This album is fun. This band broke up in 2008, but I will listen to this album forever. Past members have begun new music projects I Am Committing A Sin and Ulysses and the Siren; both are worthy of a good listen.
If you guys like what you hear, I am more than happy to share the rest of the Cain and Abel discography -- just let me know!

Cain and Abel - Up North
Favourite tracks: 3 and 9

Enough Is Enough - Volume 2

Volume 2! The artists on here are The Effort, Final Fight, This Is Hell, Reviver, Iron Chic, Fumblerooski, Balance and Composure, The Stereo State, Crucual Times, Midnight Souls, The Fake Boys, Trunks And Tales, Great Friend Of Mine. Some unreleased, some just old and awesome.