Thursday, 27 May 2010

Allie Millstein - Human Nature

This is a cd by Hartford, Connecticut native Allie Millstein. She sings acoustic indie folk music. She has very unique vocal and guitar melodies, and they sound like an angel has descended from heaven just to sing us a song.

This EP opens up with the song "Human Nature" that just makes you grin. You just start listening to it and your mouth just slowly forms a smile. Its amazingly catchy, and I keep finding myself taping out the beat. The next song, "Mend My Heart", sounds like something from the Juno soundtrack. Its pretty chill and upbeat plus its got some cool lyrics along with its rhythmic vibe.

After "Mend my Heart" come "Our Love Is Underground". Its similar to Human Nature in that you keep involuntarily tapping out the beat. Really catchy stuff. The last song, "Skeletons", has a more mournful vibe to it but remains beautiful.

This is just a great CD, and you really should give it a listen. Allie Millstein sounds amazing, and if you like acoustic folk things then you'll love this. She was also cool enough to provide our blog with a physical copy of her CD, so props to her for that. You can listen to her at her website( or download this EP by clicking below.


Wednesday, 26 May 2010

The Summer Obsession - Believe Nothing Explore Everything

The Summer Obsession is a pop-punk band from Jacksonville Beach, FL. They have a drummer from Good Charlotte, and a singer/guitarist from Against All Authority. Their other dude is Luke Walker(Sorry but I don't know what band you're from).

This album sounds like a mix of Yellowcard, Blink-182, (+44), The Offspring's Rise and Fall Rage and Grace, and it even manages to sound like Sublime at some points. So if you like any of these bands then go ahead and give this a listen. I can try think of an indie band they sound like, maybe October Fall?

The first two tracks of Believe Nothing Explore Everything seem to lead us up to something, but then the rest of the album sort of lets us down. It made me feel like The Summer Obsession is still trying to figure out what they are. That's cool, and its not like the album sucks or anything. Its just not the kind of thing I can chill with.

Oh, and the lyrics were pretty fun. Think about how Blink-182 used sex in "Dude Ranch". Replace sex with weed and you can get an idea of how the songs go. Kind of playfully innocent, but in an awkward way. According to a close friend it felt "weird as shit to hear someone sing about getting high and naked when paired with that rhythm". Your mileage may vary.

In it's entirety, it's a decent album from a good pop-punk band. Its not the best, and not the worst. If you want something to put on in the background while you play video games with friends then this is what you're looking for. If you want something deep that you can spend hours listening to over and over, move on.

The band is cool enough to let you download this legally for free especially the members being from major label bands. They are DIY promoting and self-released on their own record label. Grab it here.

Friday, 14 May 2010

Corcovado - Spring Baked 2010

This is the rough recordings of Corcovado, a Bethlehem based screamo band with ex members of Mulch, Broski, and I Sing the Equator. I saw their video for "Money Shot" a while ago when they were just starting out and listened to an mp3 rip I got from I think "The Muzac" but since then they recorded some tracks and Mitch was nice enough to share them with the group "get rad". Really good stuff.