Thursday, 28 February 2008

MGMT - Oracular Spectacular

Behind all the hooks, synthesizers and raw energy of MGMT's debut Oracular Spectacular is a distinct air of coolness. The Brooklyn, NY duo creates horribly infectious tunes with just enough maturity to allow for longevity. Tracks like "Time To Pretend" and "Kids" provide high-intensity anthems, while "Pieces of What" and "The Handshake" provide the more laid-back ballads.


The Bouncing Souls - Maniacal Laughter

The Bouncing Souls is a band which has a prominent fan base in my home state, New Jersey. They have become popular for the amateur feel of their albums and energy of their concerts following a similar story to Saves the Day. References to the east coast, New Jersey, and popular teen activities, allow teenagers to have a feeling of representation. The album "Maniacal Laughter" is their defining album being only their second CD release. After, they were signed to the major record label Epitaph Records


Monday, 25 February 2008

Rick James - Street Songs

How do you create a concept album about prostitution and doing drugs and end up with a classic top selling CD? I'm Rick James, bitch! There doesn't have to be much said about this album or Rick James himself. Check out some interviews and skits by Dave Chappelle for some humor.

R.I.P 2004. True musical genius.

Friday, 22 February 2008

Margot & The Nuclear So and So's - The Dust of Retreat

Indianapolis ensemble Margot & The Nuclear So and So's have generated a great deal of buzz since the 2006 release of their debut album The Dust of Retreat. Despite having only one LP under their belt, they play sold-out shows nationwide and have joined the Epic record label. This is all with good reason - Dust is a flurry of relentlessly infectious pop songs with surprising depth. Their sophomore effort Animal! is expected later this year.
12 tracks


Thursday, 21 February 2008

Justice - Cross

Justice play an incredibly catchy style of electronica, but also mix in funk and pop elements. They sound very similar to Daft Punk.

Tuesday, 19 February 2008

Bonerama - Discography

I don't really have much to say about Bonerama, I just received this upload link from a friend and decided it was a convenient post. Bonerama is a New Orleans jazz band that has endured nine years and Hurricane Katrina. This is not like anything I have ever heard, creating incredible brass sound, it is amazing. Bonerama played the National Anthem at the Super Bowl recently and was on David Letterman promoting their new EP with OK GO(Which was pretty mediocre). This download includes their three albums not including their OK GO EP.

Scooter - The Ultimate Aural Orgasm

Scooter really need no introduction. One of the few trance bands to stand the test of time, they're still going strong with their 12th studio album in 13 years. Being a fan of their music, but only having heard what they've actually released in the charts, I felt obliged to obtain at least one of their albums to do justice to my music collection.

Their style of remixing old songs with random lyrics is a little... unique to say the least, but why mess with a formula that works? The music is upbeat and great to dance to. Admittedly, I still don't know the answer to the question Does the Fish Have Chips? but aside from that, it's a fine album from the boys who do it best.

Monday, 18 February 2008

Ghostigital - In Cod We Trust

Ghostigital is a weird Icelandic band on Ipecac records. If you like electronic music and industrial and really weird noisy vocals then you will probably enjoy this.


Amesoeurs - Ruines Humanaines

Amesoeurs was formed by Neige (also member of Alcest and Peste Noire), Audrey Sylvain and Fursy Teyssier with the purpose of creating music that reflects the dark side of the industrial era and modern civilization. They blend black metal, post-rock, and post-punk to create a truly unique sound. Their first release, Ruines Humanaines is a three song EP with just under 16 minutes of music. Some may find the vocals on the first two songs a bit rough, but anyone can appreciate the final track featuring softer acoustic guitars and female vocals.


Sunday, 17 February 2008

Gang Starr - Full Clip (Ten Years of Gang Starr)

Two discs and ten years from one of the Pillars of NYC Hip-Hop. Guru and Dj Premier spit the forthright street smarts.

Friday, 15 February 2008

Gregory Alan Isakov - That Sea, The Gambler

Denver, CO musician Gregory Alan Isakov employs beautiful lyrical imagery atop quiet, lilting instrumentation to create a distinctly pensive and melancholy mood. That Sea, The Gambler is the amalgamation of re-recordings of previous tracks as well as many new ones, Isakov's de facto debut. The songs feel right at home camping above timberline or walking on a Northwest beach.
11 tracks
128 kbps

Thursday, 14 February 2008

Dethklok - The Dethalbum

From the TV metal-head show Metalopocalypse comes Dethklok. Blacker than the blackest black times infinity, they are regarded as the greatest band in the world and are constantly being plotted against for holding too much world power. The lineup as described by the Metalopocalypse theme song is “Skwisgaar Skwigelf taller than a tree, Toki Wartooth not a bumblebee, William Murderface Murderface Murderface, Pickles the Drummer doodily doo ding dong doodily doodily doo, Nathan Explosion". Dethklok displays a range of styles from death metal and melodeath to symphonic black metal. The bonus CD which is included in the download has some of my favorites like “Murdertrain a Comin'”, “Duncan Hills Coffee Jingle” and “Blood Ocean”. On the main album, take "Briefcase Full of Guts", "Bloodrocuted", and "Thunderhorse" for a ride.

Wednesday, 13 February 2008

Gomez - Bring It On

Gomez are a british indie band that fuse blues and rock to create a sound not quite like anything else. Tom Gray's vocals wouldn't sound out of place in a smokey 1950's bar, particularly on tracks like "Tijuana Lady" and "Get Myself Arrested".
Bring It On is the bands first album and was so well received it coined the phrase to "do a Gomez" was coined it means to release a debut album so successful and to such unanimous praise that expectations are raised to the point where it is impossible to follow it.

Monday, 11 February 2008

John Butler Trio - Grand National

The John Butler Trio have made quite the name for themselves since their first chart release, Sunrise Over Sea. The follow up album, although very similar, still has as many awesome songs as before, with the hits Funky Tonight and Better Than, though my favorite is Used to get High. It's a nice album, but they just can't top their catchy tune Zebra.

Saturday, 9 February 2008

Tiger Army - Tiger Army

The first release of most punk bands is always the best. The same holds true for California Psychobillies Tiger Army. 3rd Wave Psychobilly with the the backbone of the Cramps, the guts of the Meteors and better lyrics than both of them combined. This ain't your typical grab and stab Psychobilly album. Nick 13 (vocals/guitar) can work a melody like nobodies business and his subject matter stretches beyond the B-Movie zombies and vampires imagery common to most modern Psycho bands.

Plus.....hell...who DOESN'T like a stand up bass?

Tiger Army Never Die

Friday, 8 February 2008

Kunek - Flight of the Flynns

Emerging in 2006 with their debut album Flight of the Flynns and largely disappearing afterward, Oklahoma band Kunek created a lush, fluid sound evocative of somnolent trance. The beautiful piano, dream-like guitar and ominous strings of Flight combine to create a breathtaking product that engulfs the listener in its complexity. Highlights include "We Have Become," "Section 2" and "Coma."
12 tracks


Thursday, 7 February 2008

The Pillows - Fool on the Planet

Oh no! Not a J-Rock album! Although I don’t understand a word they say (Except when they say a few English words), The Pillows have dominated my most listened to list. Most well known in America for their contributions to the anime “Fooley Cooly”, they are extremely popular in Japan. Not your typical western alternative tunes so be ready for something mind-blowing. Fool on the Planet is a compilation and I used it because I feel that if I throw some of their best work out there, people will be interested and ask me for more. Comment asking for more if interested! This is well worth a listen.


Wednesday, 6 February 2008

Josh Ritter - Historical Conquests of Josh Ritter

Josh Ritter writes songs that have earned him comparisons to Nick Drake and Leonard Cohen. His songs craft stories that are emotive and just tinged with nostalgia. Check out this album, you probably wont regret it.

Tuesday, 5 February 2008

The Raveonettes- Lust Lust Lust

Stripped down from a five piece to a two piece. The scuzzy throwback 50's garage punk of the Raveonettes is streamlined into what is fast approaching the top spot as my favorite album ever. "Lust Lust Lust" sounds like Sonic Youth playing songs written by an oversexed Buddy Holly with Joy Division's recording engineer making sure it gets on tape (in non-pitchfork-esque terms, really really really distorted 50's rock and roll + sex + 80's Post-punk melancholy).

I can't say how much i love this album, every song is gem, although stand-outs "Dead Sound", "Black Satin", "Blush" and "You Want the Candy" get the most plays on my I-pod.

Sunday, 3 February 2008

Gotye - Mixed Blood

When Gotye won the ARIA in Australia in 2007 for the Best Male Artist, it seemed strange that an Australian artist unknown to me won such a prestigious award. Curious, I obtained the remix album Mixed Blood, based off it's predecessor, Like Drawing Blood. As an independent release, with no playtime on the chart radio stations, this puts him in the same position as the John Butler Trio (see review next week for Grand National) as an underrated artist for most of his early career.

The album has a smooth, electronic sound that provides a little peace and tranquility that is all but missing from my collection of CD's. It takes a few listens, but it's an album that grows on you over time.


Patrick Wolf - Lycanthropy

With his three album releases, Patrick Wolf has created a collection of dense electro-pop, often fusing personal experience with legend and folklore. Though his most recent release, 2007's The Magic Position, turned more to upbeat optimism and major-key tonality, his debut, Lycanthropy, is an extremely dark and raw release dealing with boyhood, London and werewolves. Created almost entirely by Wolf on a 4-track, Atari and laptop, Lycanthropy begs the repeated listen.


Friday, 1 February 2008

Gang of Four - Entertainment!

Entertainment! is the debut album by the English post-punk band Gang of Four. Post-punk has transformed into the alternative rock genre we have today. Incorporating punk and even funk, Entertainment! has become #490 on the Rolling Stone greatest 500 albums of all time influencing Flee of Red Hot Chili Peppers directly. "It completely changed the way I looked at rock music and sent me on my trip as a bass player."

That's deep, Flee. Truly.

Bedouin Soundclash- Sounding a Mosaic

Bedouin Soundclash write simplistic, stripped down reggae with emotional clout usually not seen within the genre. Relying little on Jah Rastafari preaching, Bedouin Soundclash's subjects dwell on personal experience and dire social situations. Their song structures are quiet, but with a perceptible sense of urgency. They rely on standard reggae instrumentation of tinny rhythm guitar and thudding background bass coupled with complex drum patterns. They are also not afraid of strong vocal harmonization. The Soundclash's reggae is not a throwback to "Scratch" Perry greats like Jimmy Cliff, instead adding a modern feel to the music. "Sounding a Mosaic" is the Canadian band's debut for Sideonedummy records and was released in 2004.

Andrew Bird - Armchair Apocrypha

In 2007, Chicago songsmith Andrew Bird proved that he could follow up his amazing The Mysterious Production Of Eggs, doing so while not only refining his violin-laden, loop-happy style, but transcending it. Armchair Apocrypha displays a much more cohesive and cleaner Bird while retaining the complex lyricism and instrumentation of prior releases. (direct link)
12 tracks
320 kbps