Friday, 8 February 2008

Kunek - Flight of the Flynns

Emerging in 2006 with their debut album Flight of the Flynns and largely disappearing afterward, Oklahoma band Kunek created a lush, fluid sound evocative of somnolent trance. The beautiful piano, dream-like guitar and ominous strings of Flight combine to create a breathtaking product that engulfs the listener in its complexity. Highlights include "We Have Become," "Section 2" and "Coma."
12 tracks



Anonymous said...

Please take down this link. Kunek are alive and well and don't much need anyone passing around their music for free. Their practice space is just down the street from where I work and the word is they're working on album #2.

Please support Kunek. Buy Flight of the Flynns.

Anonymous said...

i have listened to the new album it was recorded in la. odd inside stuff: they are changing their name to other voices or others voices or something like that.