Thursday, 30 December 2010

Street Smart Cyclist - Recap

photo by Nick Stutsman

Day 1

The World Is A Beautiful Place & I Am No Longer Afraid To Die

Take up the entire flier, why don't you? I don't mind. These Connecticut guys were absolutely amazing live, including everything from Josh Is Dead which I haven't gotten around to listening to recorded yet. Despite not being played straight through, everything from Formlessness was flawless. I usually play the album from beginning to end and was hoping they would do so. Regardless, they are a lot of fun and I highly recommend supporting them as they are on tour right now.

Ape Up!

I never really got into this band, but found myself getting into them for some reason. Well, the reason is probably because they are easy to sing along to even when you don't know the words. If not, they are just straight up good fun to see because everyone else is having a good time. Good vibes, man.

Slingshot Dakota

I saw this two-piece around two years ago at Albright College. I didn't know who they were at the time, but I've watched them grow to have a huge following. They sing heartfelt lyrics about traveling and home and friends and stuff. They brought a couple new songs to the stage and Carly brought out an acoustic guitar for the last song which was reminiscent of when that guy from Bridge & Tunnel was in their band for their first album. They are writing a third album where Carly plays guitar and rocks harder than usual, I presume. They had a charity where they auctioned off tickets and raised 75 dollars for a charity that is yet to be decided and Tom gave a bunch of speeches to bring awareness to some issues in the scene. Overall, they are wonderful people and write wonderful music.

Algernon Cadwallader

Everybody knows this ridiculously named band by now. I don't have to tell anybody that's reading this how awesome they are recorded or live. This was actually my first time seeing them live which was kind of my guilty secret for a while. The drummer of Boyfriends(I think? Somebody correct me, I'm wrong) took over for some songs off their demo. They played Look Down which was really awesome to hear and Shirt which is what I hear is the first time they played that live ever. Everybody in the band was rocking really sweet beards and I was super excited about it. They are going on a west coast tour from the 4th-16th on these dates so check them out. They will also be on KPSU on the 13th which is gonna be awesome!

Street Smart Cyclist

I don't know what to say. I guess I could say that I am speechless. That would be a start. It was so amazing to see them live. Everybody was freaking out more than I've ever seen anybody freak out for anything. The band had very little room to work with, but they entirely worked with it. I think I even saw John Galm cry a little during Kiss Kitty. Then again, I think a lot of the crowd was half in tears, the set was beautiful. They played their discography. I have nothing else to say. My glasses broke during the first 5 seconds of the first song, indicating how crazy everything was.

Day 2


I have barely heard anything by them, but they were pretty awesome. I really wish I was more prepared for day 2 of the reunion. Seriously, these guys rule.

Midi & The Modern Dance

I seriously love these guys more than anything ever. They are another Connecticut band(The entire state came, for real) They sound like a Belle & Sebastian cover band that listens to Snowing and Algernon. Make It Easy On Yourself is available for "Name your price" so I highly recommend checking it out. They are also on tour and I was about to go to Connecticut just to see them again. Do yourself a favor and do what I didn't do. This was my second time seeing these young brutes and it won't be my last.

My Heart To Joy

I'm not gonna lie. I didn't do my homework before I came to this show and only listened to Seasons In Verse like twice a while ago. Although it was good, I don't know why I didn't get into it. This is pretty much The Words Is and... but with a slightly different line-up.

Stay Ahead Of The Weather

I wasn't wearing my glasses for this entire show so I just spent this entire set thinking I was watching Castevet. Not even joking, I even was screaming Castevet lyrics for a while because I don't know them that well either.


Topshelf Records Chicago emo-punks. Really good, really fun. They have Bill Murray and Michael Jordan tee shirts(I got the Bill Murray one). They recently changed their name to CSTVT after legal issues with a band with the same name from New York. The other band sucks by the way. It's experimental metal.

Street Smart Cyclist

Second verse, same as the first. It was the same show but even more intense. I spent the entire set on the stage and came off it with cuts and bruises all up my leg from being slammed into the stage. I attempted crowd-surfing but people were too busy pushing each other and falling over to hold on to me. Snowing is now on tour so go to their shows and tell you how much fun you had at Street Smart or how angry you are that you missed it.

In Total:

The first day, I almost crashed into several cars due to snow, parked in an abandoned billards lot, and broke my glasses during Street Smart's set. I Couldn't drive home, so Nick drove my car all the way to New Jersey so that I was blind in the back seat freaking out because the roads were icy and I don't let anybody drive my car. The 2 days were full of friendship and almost deaths. But in total, despite it probably being a bad idea, it was certainty an adventure that was well needed. I didn't stay all the days that I wanted to, didn't get any interviews(despite spending the night with Nick Stutsman of Park Jefferson), and am still sore. I'd totally do this again, though.


Friday, 24 December 2010

Merry Christmas(Eve) - Update!

First of all, merry Christmas and happy New Years to everybody! I haven't been posting much due to finals week, then my laptop broke, and assorts of other excuses I can come up with. As my last couple posts have indicated, I am going to be heading back to PA for a week to cover a string of shows. I'm going armed with a tape recorder, notebook, I Found This Song In The Road pens, and stickers. I happen to be staying at Raf from We Were Skeleton's and Omeed from Midi & The Modern Dance's house's so I'm hoping to catch some interviews if not from more.

The New Year is going to bring a lot of exciting things. The one that I'm the most excited for is a rebirth to this blog with a new spin on it. I plan on doing more interviews as often as possible, more mix cds, and more legit reviews.

There is a list of over 50 artists in my inbox that want to be published, some that are more than a year old now. I'm going attempt to decrease that number and post directly from there.

Expect more great things to come out of this blog. I've become extremely into tumblr so check ours out because I reblog a lot of really cool stuff that I don't post here. Also, I hope to have some contests in the future based off of it to win some neato stuff.

What people haven't known for a year is that I own which I keep forgetting to renew. So we DO have a domain which means that we are as real as ever.

What I'm trying to say is: We've gone legit before by not posting anything illegal for a while, but I want to go full out legit and do real articles, real interviews, and real community. I'm even working on a zine.

Anyways, I'm rambling and I hope people get as excited as I am about what's about to come. Expect a final post with my top 10 albums of the year!


Tuesday, 14 December 2010

Christmas Week Shows!

It's official! I'm going on a week long tour. Well, not a tour, but I am going to be going to shows for a full week. It starts Christmas day and goes until New Years Eve. Come hang out at these shows. Keep in mind Street Smart Cyclist still has tickets for the second day so BUY BUY BUY because that show is going to be amazing. Get them here. Come up and say hi to me if you know who I am. If not, these shows are going to be amazing and I encourage you to go to as many of them as possible.


12/26(Bethlehem) Street Smart Cyclist, Slingshot Dakota, Algernon Cadwallader, Ape Up!, The World Is A Beautiful Place & I Am No Longer Afraid To Die


12/28(Lancaster) We Were Skeletons, The Usual,Bike Pile, 1994!

12/29(Bethlehem) Snowing, For Serious This Time, Empire Empire!, Annabell, U.S. Male


OR 12/30(Phily) You Blew It!, Captain of Compliments, Among Giants, Science Fair, Omar, +more

Or 12/30 We Were Skeletons/Thursday(Yes, We Were Skeletons are playing with Thursday at Starland Ballroom)

12/31(Philly) Snowing, Castevet, Stay Ahead of the Weather, Everyone Everywhere, The World Is A Beautiful Place & I Am No Longer Afraid To Die

DIY Punk with Chris Clavin of Plan-It-X

Hey! did a really good interview of Chris Clavin, founder of Plan-It X records, and member of Ghost Mice, Operation Cliff Clavin, and solo work under various names. It's rare to see an interview of him or anybody in the DIY music scene so I figured I'd reblog it. What have I sold out? Totally.

Check it out!

Check out some posts we've made on him and his bands. The Devil is Electric, Chris Clavin, Ghost Mice, Captain Chaos.

Saturday, 6 November 2010

Street Smart Cyclist Reunion Show

Rumors have been going around for months about a possible reunion of the now Snowing band Street Smart Cyclist. It all started when the facebook fan page posted about a possible Boston reunion. It has finally been confirmed to be at St. Burners in Bethlehem, PA complete with a facebook event by John Galm himself. It seems to be the day after Christmas(December 26th) which is a great present to the Lehigh Valley music scene.

Here is the official and complete lineup:

...SSC was asked to play a reunion show, and we all agreed to do it. Why? I think because we're friends and it's been awhile since the five of us have gotten to see each other, bro down, hang out, drink some beers (side note: when this show happens, Nate will be 21. when he joined cyclist, he was 16!), and just generally enjoy each others company. there is nothing more beautiful and important and wonderful about life than friendship. don't you agree? anyway, that show we were supposed to play fizzled out, I guess, so we decided to play a show in bethlehem, where we all more or less grew up, where the band formed, and where our friendships blossomed. this is a ONCE AND DONE DEAL. it's our chance to disappoint everyone when they realize we really did only have seven (or eight?) songs.

cyclist played so often with slingshot dakota that it would be a crime to not have them on this show. they are two extraordinary people and we all love the love they create. tom p. broke my heart at our last show, and if he attempts to do that again, he'll leave without thumbs.

the first show that cyclist played with algernon, they played first to a half empty room, I had an asthma attack, and peter got scolded for using all of the houses toilet paper to make a mummy costume. pretty good night, overall.

nick lives in boston now. he used to live in philadelphia. he used to play drums in algernon. that's where we met nick. we love nick. he's a great person. I'm pretty sure he helped peter make that mummy costume. he asked cyclist to play in boston and told me that if we played a show in bethlehem to let ape up play. well, there you have it.

this band is incredible. the "formlessness" ep may be my favorite release this year. it's too gorgeous to describe. my good friend greg horbal is now in this band. I love him. I hope everyone is as excited as I am to see this band.

Personally, I am most excited about The World IS A Beautiful Place & I Am No Longer Afraid To Die. If you haven't heard them yet, I'm making a post about them soon because it's fantastic. I believe this is their first show. If not, it's their first Bethlehem show.

Here are all 8 of their songs, the link on their site doesn't seem to be working.

Wednesday, 27 October 2010

Low Places - Violent Hunger

Places (members of CTL and Duke Nukem Forever). They just recorded at Earth Capital in LA with Alex Estrada (Nails, Touche Amore, Creatures) and plan on putting this release out on cassette soon. I recommend this for fans of Cursed and Mind Eraser. They kind of remind me of early hardcore with a modern punk/scramz approach.

You can get all their recording streamed off their bandcamp or the mediafire link below.!/pages/Low-Places/141920689160738?ref=ts

Monday, 25 October 2010

William Bonney - Fall Demo

Ex-Merchant Ships/Ex-Midwest Pen Pals. Although I'm sad Merchant Ships split, William Bonney is alright with me. A little late posting, but I feel bad neglecting so much good from being shared.

Fall Demo


Saturday, 23 October 2010

The Saddest Landscape - You Will Not Survive

Why are these guys so good? I'm gonna start posting more frequently, except I'm not going to do reviews. I'm just gonna post what the artist/label gives me to expose people to more music faster.

RIYL: La Dispute, Pianos Become The Teeth, Touch Amore, Orchid, Modern Life Is War

Via Bear Trap:
Haunting and massive in its scope, The Saddest Landscape’s You Will Not Survive echoes a maelstrom of emotions while retaining a staggering poise and precision. Rarely does a record push you so close to the edge only to save you at its dying breath. The Saddest Landscape provides cathartic therapy for desperate and dark matters of the heart. With passionate vocals and pummeling, powerful musical landscapes the band never relents nor wavers as they drag you through their own personal hell. It is the fear of the journey that eventually makes us stronger and You Will Not Survive is that voyage. Time away has only enhanced The Saddest Landscape’s aggressive vitriol. The band has redefined expectations firmly reestablishing themselves back in a scene that desperately needs them. You Will Not Survive further entrenches The Saddest Landscape as an uncompromising pioneer in the ever-evolving screamo genre.


My Heart To Joy - Reasons To Be

I'm not dead, nor is this blog. My Heart To Joy has this new EP. Check it out, there are 3 songs on it.

Saturday, 25 September 2010

The Punk Site - Free Music

I just found The Punk Site's free music section. Candy Hearts' Ripped Up Jeans and Silly Dreams has just been added which by the way is a phenomenal album. Anyways, check it out, hopefully you'll find an assortment of albums to enjoy.

Sunday, 12 September 2010

Crywank - James Is Going To Die

Crywank's "new" album. I highly recommend it if you're into acoustic solo artists. It's like folk-punk quiet sadness. Check out his latest 2010 demos.

James Is Going To Die

Mane Horse - What Do You Mean We're Just Friends?

A lot's been going on, but I know you guys will like this. Mane Horse just released their EP entitled What Do You Mean We're Just Friends? Also, check out Mane Horse's demo's here.

What Do You Mean We're Just Friends?

Tuesday, 24 August 2010

Glocca Morra/The Greek Favourites - Songs in the Key of Ayyyyyy

Reblog from IYMI:

Glocca Morra / The Greek Favourites - Songs in the Key of Ayyyyyy

This split is a refreshing chapter in the ever expanding book of noodle. Both GM and TGF apply the visceral, passionate, and strung out aggression that drew me to punk-rock from the very beginning while maintaining an air of maturity (without arrogance) that is almost lost in both punk and indie music. Glocca Morra, moving to Philadelphia on a whim from Miami, FL, have busted their asses to prove themselves as a permanent fixture. The Greek Favourites formed in the Pocono's (PA), growing up with neighbors like The Holy Mess (and slightly further neighbors The Menzingers, Captain We're Sinking, etc). A real gem of eastern Pa. Can't wait to see what's in store for these dudes. - Tony Godino of Dead Industry Booking

I played with both these bands when I came through Louisville, KY on The State Lottery tour. Amidst a 7 band show, both bands definitely stuck with me. Check out this awesome split from two up and coming Philly bands. Also look for a physical release in the near future.


Trust me, you want this. I'm a little late, but I got caught up in some road trips and forgot to post this.

The Sarcastic Dharma Society - Sannyasa Songs (of Love)

The Sarcastic Dharma Society from Portland, Oregon is the sometimes solo-project of Mat Vuksinich in which Katherine Vuksinich adds some violin on The Light in this album. He's quickly become a favorite on the cllct collective and has informed me of his new album off Less Than Three Records. Sannyasa Songs is a quieter follow up to his previously posted album Other People's Songs(Volume 1) which took an acoustic approach to some of my favorite artists.

Stream it!
Download it!

Sunday, 22 August 2010

Prawn - Summer Tour 2010 Tape

Prawn's Summer Tour Tape of 2010 Tape has been released for free. Actually, their discography is free so just get everything they ever put out. For fans of Palmkite, My Head In Clouds, and Boys & Sex.

Summer Tour 2010
False Institutions

Science Fair - Get Real/Get Dead

Ex christopherwalken and The Manhattan Project from Philadelphia/Lehigh Valley. They just played their first show last Thursday at Burners and are quickly picking up internet hype despite just releasing their first demo. They provide angry ex-boyfriend music including lyrics like, "and on every shooting star, I wish your life a living hell" in ...And The High Horse You Rode In On combined with Clerks samples in A Series Of Down Endings. Listen to them if you enjoyed christopherwalken's demo, are a fan of Snowing, Hightide Hotel, or are looking for something new to the scene. Three out of five of their songs are re-recorded/renamed christopherwalken songs, but they sound so much more rad through Science Fair. Definitely check them out.

Wednesday, 18 August 2010

Coping - Demo

Chicago band with members of Lautrec, SPREAD SHEETS, Damages, and Your Favorite Kind of Cigarettes, Coping is definitely on loop right now. "Seniors" is one of the best things I've heard this month.

Download their 2 track demo for free:

Check out 5 tracks for streaming off their bandcamp:

Monday, 2 August 2010

Summer Songs For The Road Mix #1

Summer is winding down, though still going strong. It is a time for friendship, carelessness, and most importantly: driving endlessly. This is a compilation of songs that evoke such feelings during these warm sunny months. There are more mix tapes to come.

Algernon Cadwallader - Spit Fountain
Ghosts And Vodka - Cowboys And Sailors
Snowing - Methuselah Rookie Card
Street Smart Cyclist - Pastor of Puppets
Pirouette - Charmeleons Ghost Skip
Cap'n Jazz - Que Suerte!
Footnotes - Girls
Park Ranger Barkwood - Jocks On Bikes
Hightide Hotel - The Tender And The Terrible
Touche Amore - Adieux
Merchant Ships - Let's Exchange Word Vomit
La Dispute - Such Small Hands
Halfway To Holland - This Page Is Intentionally Blank
Suis La Lune - Utter Silence Is Fragile
La Quiete - Super Omega
Merchant Ships - Old Grey
Corcovado - Money Shot


Feel free to distribute, but give credit where it is due. Also, recognize that these tracks are for promo use only.


Barrett Records Summer Sampler 2010

Check out Barrett Records, an independent label from Ann Arbor, Michigan. Here's their Summer Sampler featuring Transit, Caleb Lionheart, In Bear Country, Defeo, Sakes Alive!!, The Sister Lovers, Bike Tuff, Lights at Sea, Merrimac, and The Bravest Kids. They have ridiculously good pop-punk including just signed Crucial Dudes which I am very excited about.

Download it here!
Check out more from Barrett Records.

Tuesday, 27 July 2010

Banquets - This Is Our Concern, Dude 7"

"In keeping with their weird Big Lebowski fetish, the guys released this record as a one-sided 12" with two bonus songs under the name "Nothing is Fucked Here" through German label Coffee Breath and Heartache (the art for the German version was done by Jamie from The Arteries). Like most things created outside the US, the German version kicks the American version's ass which I'm man enough to admit."

Compare theirs:

To the new 7 inch:

...and you'll see what I mean. Take a look at German soccer, BMW's, and that thing called beer, and the release turning out this way was really bound to happen.

Pressing info:

500 7"s
100 - Red
150 - White
250 - Blue

For fans of The Get Up Kids, Hey Mercedes, and Gaslight Anthem, "This is Our Concern, Dude" is the the project from former Let Me Run singer Travis Omilian.

Download "Eleanor, I Need a Garden"

Or off the Beard Party Compilation.

Friday, 16 July 2010

christopherwalken - Rough Mix EP

christopherwalken, a band from Philadelphia, PA, via the Lehigh Valley. sounding in the vein of Snowing or Hightide Hotel, has given us what was going to be their first studio EP The album, which originally intended to have 6 songs, got cut short due to a hot headed meltdown between memebers. This 3 song "Rough Mix" Ep is all that remained. Though, short-lived, they managed to tour PA and Delaware and playwith bands like Hightide Hotel, Everyone, Everywhere, Joint Chiefs of Math and Spraynard. Though they have broken up, they are pretty much all in a new band called Science Fair which will be releasing 5 songs in August. Keep a lookout for more from them!

Winter Songs EP

Tuesday, 13 July 2010

Mane Horse - Untitled Demos

Frenso, California which I know nothing about but keep hearing about is the the home of Mane Horse, an up and coming indie band with an emo feel. They sound like Cap Santé!, they are kinda twinkly, kinda screamy, kinda sing-alongish, kinda group vocalized. They have an upbeat, simple, fun attitude. They only have 2 songs out now, but I have word they are finishing their EP by the end of the month. I expect them to explode on the scene especially playing with seasoned bands like My Heart To Joy and Slingshot Dakota.

Download their 2 released songs:

Friday, 9 July 2010

The Parlour Suite - Welcome to the Garden Party

If you haven't listened to The Parlour Suite, a band originally out of Minneapolis fronted by husband and wife team Joel & Inga Roberts, you don't know what you're missing. Thankfully, their underlooked EP Welcome to the Garden Party is being released on CD this Friday, providing the perfect opportunity to step into their tastefully appointed parlour and enjoy their refreshing take on the oft trampled vintage pop soundscape.

Like most good acts, it's hard to pin them to any particular genre or place the label of a movement or style on there sound. If you were to go in blind you might find yourself wondering if you were listening to a song by some unfairly forgotten band from the 60s, or if you had stumbled upon the bleeding edge of yet another splinter genre poised to blow up the scene and spawn countless empty imitations. Anyone foolish enough to attempt that will find the task impossible however, because a large part of what gives The Parlour Suite their delightfully soulful mellowness in Welcome to the Garden Party is their readily apparent dedication to a truly authentic approach to a vintage sound. According to their self-description the sound of the album was heavily influenced by the compression produced by their analog recording techniques, and it is a testament to the effectiveness of this approach that it took that revelation for me to realize that is what the second half of their winning combination had been.

The first half, of course, is the genuine talent on display at all levels. Nothing in any track stands out as merely competent, every aspect, from the authentic analog organs and subtle guitar use, displays both an extreme professionalism as well as a decidedly playful nostalgic style that wears it's influences on it's sleeves.

The titular track Welcome to the Garden Party and The Goldenhand appear to be the stand out tracks in popular opinion, and I am inclined to wholeheartedly agree. Garden Party is soulful piece which lyrics contain some heartfelt and interesting poetical imagery that you won't notice on the first listen because of how god damn good it sounds. The Goldenhand is on the opposite end of the emotional spectrum contained in the album, a peppy and upbeat love song sung by Inga Roberts, who performs most of the vocal duties on the album. This song wouldn't sound out of place coming out of a transistor radio or an iPod touch.

When Welcome to the Garden Party isn't radiating off almost visible waves of nostalgia it is astounding you with it's innovation. Is it a freshly discovered vintage track you're listening to or a song so fresh it could pass for vintage? The Parlour Suite extends to you a second invitation to their garden party to find out for yourself. I think you should go, you'll like it there.

Get promo tracks "Welcome To Your Garden Party" and "The Goldenhand" below.


Thursday, 8 July 2010

CHALK TALK - Penny On Heads

Cake Life Collective members Chalk Talk have released their new EP Penny On Heads via bandcamp for free digital download. It's only 2 songs including a re-recording of "Horny", but the oher track "Everybody's Doing It" provides fun upbeat jams that have really stepped up from their full length Killing Spree. This leaves good things to be expected from this Massachusetts trio.


Sunday, 4 July 2010

Stophouse - Recession Music

Normally this blog doesn't focus much on rap, but the Stophouse Collective definitely is worth checking out no matter what taste in music you have. Recession Music sounds like a mix between Jay-Z with the flow of Outkast. Their entire discography is available for free off bandcamp for download and streaming. I rarely see good free hip-hop/rap so give it a listen at least.


Friday, 2 July 2010

Defiance, Ohio - Midwestern Minutes

Defiance, Ohio's album Midwestern Minutes(Which leaked a while ago, I know) was officially released for a free legal leak from their website today. The album follows The Fear, The Fear, The Fear and is probably one of my favorite so far. I am excited that they did a studio version of "Hairpool" in which a live version was featured If You Make It. Other great tracks are re-dos of tracks off Songs for the Icarus Project like "Cigarettes" and "You Are Loved". Defiance, Ohio is one of my favorite bands and I am excited to hear they are continuing their work on creative commons.

Download here!


Wednesday, 30 June 2010

Crywank - 2010 Demos

In terms of solo acoustic artists, Crywank is something that should not be missed. From the United Kingdom, James Clayton takes his name from his over-sad songs full of vocalized raw emotion.

Check these freebies out:

February 2010 New Songs
2010 Demos

We Were Skeletons - Summer Tour

Lancaster, screamo/punk outfit We Were Skeletons will be hitting the road to support of their Topshelf Records debut LP We Were Skeletons. The record hit stores yesterday (June 29th), this is the bands most anticipated release to date. Dates are below:

June 30 The Brothel Philadelphia, PA
July 2 Cool Cut Offs, Bro Fest w/ Merchant Ships, Prawn, and more Plymouth, MA
July 3 The Thunderdome Manchester, CT
July 4 House Show Rochester, NY
July 5 The Meatlocker w/ By Surprise Montclair, NJ
July 7 Charm City Art Space Baltimore, MD
July 8 Carnegie Community Arts Center w/ Mountain Asleep Somerset, KY
July 9 The Crow's Nest Bowling Green, KY
July 10 Lemp Neighborhood Arts Center St. Louis. MO
July 11 Scatacombs Tulsa, OK
July 12 1919 Hemphill w/ Pianos Become The Teeth Fort Worth, TX
July 13 The Pine Box Midland, TX
July 14 Halp anywhere, NM
July 15 Hangin out at the Grand Canyon
July 16 Yayo Taco w/ Calculator Las Vegas, NV
July 17 Fort Rodolfo w/ Towers, Dogs of Ire Laguna Hills, CA
July 18 The Hive Oakland, CA
July 19 HELP Northern CA
July 20 Mt. Brolympus Portland, OR
July 21 Mango House Olympia, WA (also doing a radio show this day)
July 22 Black Lodge Seattle, WA
July 23 Sunset Junction Spokane, WA
July 24 TBA/Halp Idaho Falls/Boise, ID
July 25 HELP western CO
July 26 HELP Boulder/Denver CO
July 27 HELP Lincoln/Omaha NE (or west kansas)
July 28 HELP Des Moines/Iowa City IA (or KS)
July 29 Treasure Town w/ Big Kids, 1994! Chicago IL
July 30 1624 N. Harrison St. w/ 1994! Ft. Wayne IN
July 31 DAAC w/ 1994!, Victor! Fix The Sun Grand Rapids, MI
August 1 Carabar w/ 1994! Columbus, OH
August 2nd HELP Pittsburgh, PA
August 3rd HOMECOMING SHOW Dead Set Gallery w/ Des Ark, Gods & Queens Lancaster, PA

We Were Skeletons was recently signed to Topshelf Records through which they released their self-titled album. Come out and support them on their tour. Also, check out our review and grab some promo tracks off their new album here.

Buy their S/T off Topshelf here.

Tuesday, 29 June 2010

Options - Discography

After years of trying and failing to find the right combination of people to play with, multi-instrumentalist Seth Engel decided to try his luck at doing it all himself. The result is Options.

You can get his discography for free here

Marina V - My Star

Marina V isn't my normal genre of music, which gave me a challenge when I started the first track. The album reminds me very much of the work of Tori Amos and Delta with her piano ballads and vibrant vibrato. I thought that 90's adult alternative was dead long ago, but it certainly still has a following and still a field to flourish in for upcoming artists. As is the case for Marina V. What stands out the most to me is her powerful voice and her ability to carry the spirit of the song completely on her vocals.

You Make Me Beautiful(Mp3)
Thursday Song(Mp3)
Killing My Dream(Bruce Kulick of KISS on guitar)(Mp3)


Monday, 21 June 2010

Sonic Youth - Silver Session For Jason Knuth

This 1998 Sonic Youth release sees the band indulge themselves in some lovely feedback nonsense; 8 'tracks' of it, in fact. Dedicated to a SY fan who commited suicide, this record comes the band leaving their instruments leant against amps, later adding a shitty drum machine and twiddling a few nobs. The result is nothing short of brilliant, and a very fitting tribute.

Friday, 18 June 2010

The Please & Thank Yous - Mind Yr P's & Q's

The Please & Thank Yous are a punk band from Chicago with indie and emo influences for fans of The Measure[SA], The Promise Ring, and Tin Armor. Their album was released for free from Death To False Hope Records.



Wednesday, 16 June 2010

Beard Party - Beard Party Summer Sampler 2010

Beard Party is a Pennsylvania based DIY music family. We promote a positive independent and DIY/DIT music community by assisting our friends, and musicians we like to put out records, help design artwork, promote shows, record songs, print shirts, press various other types of merchandise, and promote a positive scene and network of avid musicians and fans.

Beard Party has released it's first compilation entitled Beard Party Summer Sampler 2010 which features genres ranging across folk, punk, and hardcore. Trunks & Tales which runs Beard Party is featured along with a 18 more including wonderful bands such as Paul Blest, Anniversary Club, Pedals On Our Pirate Ships, Ship Wrecks, Old Times Burials, Young Mountain, and Timeshares(ex The Knockdown).

It's 20 tracks, all of them for free off bandcamp. If you want, you can donate 2 dollars, buy it at a Trunks & Tales show, or get it from most of the bands on the compilation. Aside from having the best name in the world, Beard Party is truly punk and not profit.

Stream and download

The Family


Sunday, 6 June 2010

We Were Skeletons - We Were Skeletons

We Were Skeletons after being signed to Topshelf Records is set to drop another album June 29th which will be self-titled. Yet again, it took me forever to get through the first track and just ended up listening to that for a couple hours and then getting distracted. I’m sorry for being blown away and taking so long to listen to the rest of it.

Anyways, the opener “Drawn from the Houses I've Burnt” blew me away at the progression of them as a band since their album Summers. First of all, quality-wise the recording is much better. Material-wise they maintain their yelpy screamo pogoing in a chaotic mesh of vocals. I did notice that they re-recorded “Well, I did Spend a Year in College” off the 75:24 compilation which is kinda cool because it’s one of the best songs on that compilation.

It’s amazing how much this band has developed in such a short period of time of being signed. I saw them live at Albright College in which they were great but almost nobody showed up to that show despite so many great bands. Still, I bought Summers which although getting stuck in the CD player of my car and having to fish out, I was blown away by. Oh by the way, Summer is available for free so look for the link on the bottom.

I was really excited for the record release show until I realized that I was working on that day. I highly recommend going not only because it’s at Seniorita Burrita, but because they are all great people and it’s guaranteed that you’ll have a blast at their show. It also helps that Snowing, Merchant Ships, Boys & Sex, мища and Our Parents Forgot Us are playing. Just saying, Merchant Ships doesn’t tour the east coast often. Go see them.

Facebook event for record release show even for record release show

Self Titled Promo Tracks(Kids, Drawn From The Houses I've Burnt, Exposure To Heavy Metals Causes Whatever)

Pre-order "We Were Skeletons LP"

Summers full album download(Free)


Thursday, 27 May 2010

Allie Millstein - Human Nature

This is a cd by Hartford, Connecticut native Allie Millstein. She sings acoustic indie folk music. She has very unique vocal and guitar melodies, and they sound like an angel has descended from heaven just to sing us a song.

This EP opens up with the song "Human Nature" that just makes you grin. You just start listening to it and your mouth just slowly forms a smile. Its amazingly catchy, and I keep finding myself taping out the beat. The next song, "Mend My Heart", sounds like something from the Juno soundtrack. Its pretty chill and upbeat plus its got some cool lyrics along with its rhythmic vibe.

After "Mend my Heart" come "Our Love Is Underground". Its similar to Human Nature in that you keep involuntarily tapping out the beat. Really catchy stuff. The last song, "Skeletons", has a more mournful vibe to it but remains beautiful.

This is just a great CD, and you really should give it a listen. Allie Millstein sounds amazing, and if you like acoustic folk things then you'll love this. She was also cool enough to provide our blog with a physical copy of her CD, so props to her for that. You can listen to her at her website( or download this EP by clicking below.


Wednesday, 26 May 2010

The Summer Obsession - Believe Nothing Explore Everything

The Summer Obsession is a pop-punk band from Jacksonville Beach, FL. They have a drummer from Good Charlotte, and a singer/guitarist from Against All Authority. Their other dude is Luke Walker(Sorry but I don't know what band you're from).

This album sounds like a mix of Yellowcard, Blink-182, (+44), The Offspring's Rise and Fall Rage and Grace, and it even manages to sound like Sublime at some points. So if you like any of these bands then go ahead and give this a listen. I can try think of an indie band they sound like, maybe October Fall?

The first two tracks of Believe Nothing Explore Everything seem to lead us up to something, but then the rest of the album sort of lets us down. It made me feel like The Summer Obsession is still trying to figure out what they are. That's cool, and its not like the album sucks or anything. Its just not the kind of thing I can chill with.

Oh, and the lyrics were pretty fun. Think about how Blink-182 used sex in "Dude Ranch". Replace sex with weed and you can get an idea of how the songs go. Kind of playfully innocent, but in an awkward way. According to a close friend it felt "weird as shit to hear someone sing about getting high and naked when paired with that rhythm". Your mileage may vary.

In it's entirety, it's a decent album from a good pop-punk band. Its not the best, and not the worst. If you want something to put on in the background while you play video games with friends then this is what you're looking for. If you want something deep that you can spend hours listening to over and over, move on.

The band is cool enough to let you download this legally for free especially the members being from major label bands. They are DIY promoting and self-released on their own record label. Grab it here.

Friday, 14 May 2010

Corcovado - Spring Baked 2010

This is the rough recordings of Corcovado, a Bethlehem based screamo band with ex members of Mulch, Broski, and I Sing the Equator. I saw their video for "Money Shot" a while ago when they were just starting out and listened to an mp3 rip I got from I think "The Muzac" but since then they recorded some tracks and Mitch was nice enough to share them with the group "get rad". Really good stuff.


Wednesday, 28 April 2010

Cap'n Jazz - Double LP Vinyl Pre-Order

Cap'n Jazz's
seminal discography Analphabetapolothology, is now available on vinyl for the first time. Over a decade after the CD anthology release, Jade Tree is proud to give record the full-featured vinyl issue that it deserves. This double LP, cut from the original high resolution source masters and pressed at RTI, is packaged in a deluxe gatefold jacket with a full color, full size, 8 page booklet. The booklet features never before seen photos, fliers, and extensive liner notes by Tim Kinsella. The package also includes high quality MP3 downloads of all tracks and 10 additional songs from the original anthology.

caP’n Jazz was:
Michael Kinsella — the drums and vocals.
Tim Kinsella — the words etcetera.
Victor Villareal — the guitar and vocals.
Davey vonBohlen — 2nd guitar and vocals on sides A, B, & C.
Sam Zurick — the bass guitar.

SIDES A & B. Originally released as “Burritos, inspiration point, fork balloon sports. cards in the spokes, automatic biographies, kites, kung fu, trophies, banana peels we’ve slipped on and egg shells we’ve tippy toed over.” LP/CD on Mark Pearsall and Mike Corley’s Man With Gun Records. Recorded December 1994 by Casey Rice at
Idful Music Corporation. “Kitty, kitty cats” on Little League by Anja Westerweck. “I’m dying to tell you I’m dying. I don’t need a reason” on Yes, I Am Talking To You are Bob Nanna’s words. Refer to Friction’s “Auburn” ca. 1994. Kevin J. Frank appears on the piano in Bluegrass.

TAKE ON ME. TOKYO. OOH DO I LOVE YOU. HEY MA... except for Take on Me, none of these recordings were ever considered finished or intended to be released. Take on Me was supposed to be on some 80’s covers comp. which apparently never came to fruition and Hey Ma... ended up on Matt Werth’s File 13 Records’ “We’ve Lost Beauty” comp. It features Mike doing most of the singing while Tim harmonica’d. Recorded March 1995 by Rob Roy Campbell. Mixed by Elliot Dicks.

FORGET WHO WE ARE. OLERUD. The last two songs we ever wrote and polar opposites of each other. Written in the “C” tuning now made infamous by the Promise Ring. Recorded live by Aadam Jacob’s Sonic Archives Mobile Recording Unit at the Fireside Bowl, July 7, 1995 - our last show in Chicago.

WE ARE SCIENTISTS! SEA TEA. TROUBLED BY INSECTS. originally released as “Sometimes if you stand further away from something, it does not seem as big. Sometimes you can stand so close to something you can not tell what you are looking at.” 7” on Underdog Records. Recorded October 1993 by Neal Jensen and Kevin J. at Old Plank. Kevin also played guitar noise on Sea Tea. ROCKY ROCOCO. was recorded at the same time and originally released on the “Nothing Dies With Blue Skies” split 7” with Friction on Scott Snot’s own Shakefork Records. All 4 tracks include guest bass player Sudden Porthole.

AOK. SERGIO VALENTE. originally released on “Boys 16-18 Years . . . Age of Action” 7”
on Further Beyond Records. Recorded March 1993 by Neal Jensen at Old Plank. Backing vocals on Sergio Valente by Erik Bocek, Keven J., Neal, Aaron Lipke,
and Shane Mason.

This compilation was compiled by Casey Rice at Dhanse Howll Qlazikx, October 1997. It has been abridged for this vinyl edition. The accompanying digital download includes all songs from the 1998 CD release.

Mastered by Alan Douches at West West Side Music, NJ and Paul Gold at Salt Mastering, NY.

All songs published by Frizzle Ma Dazzle (SESAC) / Jean-Pierre Leaud ca. 1965 Music (SESAC) / Music Songs Music (SESAC) / Toby the Cat Music (SESAC) / Tornado Country Music (SESAC) except “Take on Me” which was written by A-HA and published
by Sony/ATV Songs LLC OBO Samp-UK Ltd. Live photos on jacket except the trumpet photo are by Scallen. Others by Kevin J., Jenny Tabor, Donna Kinsella, the band and friends. LP design by Paul Koob, based on the original CD design by Jason Gnewikow at The Collection Agency.

Jade Tree: 2310 Kennwynn Rd Wilmington, DE 19810.
( C ) 2010 Jade Tree & ( P ) 1998 Jade Tree. JT1036

Pressing Details
300 White



July 10 Louisville, KY @ Forecastle Fest (Tickets)
July 17 Chicago, IL @ The Bottom Lounge (Sold Out)
July 18 Chicago, IL @ The Bottom Lounge (Sold Out)
July 23 Washington, DC @ The Black Cat (Tickets)
July 24 Philadelphia, PA @ Starlight Ballroom (Sold Out)
August 27 San Francisco, CA @ Bimbo's 365 Club (Tickets)
August 28 Los Angeles, CA @ Echoplex (Tickets)

More TBA!

Guess who got the White Double Vinyl Limited 300 + Tee shirt package? Also, guess who's poor? That would be me! Who is going to spend another 15 dollars the second New York City tickets are released? I am!


Tuesday, 20 April 2010

M-Phazes - Good Gracious

Hey, it's me again with more Aussie hip hop, because there's a good chance most of you haven't downloaded it, and this is a good oppourtunity to do so. Good Gracious is not so much about M-Phazes as it is about many artists active in the aussie hip hop scene right now, with appearances from Drapht, Mantra (one of the guys behind illzilla) Muph and Plutonic, Dialectrix and more. It's got energy and solid beats, and paints a picture of a man struggling to get to the top, a rap about elvis and a cold yet accurate potrayal of drunk night life in Australian cities.

Wednesday, 7 April 2010

Cain and Abel - Up North

This album is poppy. This album is fun. This band broke up in 2008, but I will listen to this album forever. Past members have begun new music projects I Am Committing A Sin and Ulysses and the Siren; both are worthy of a good listen.
If you guys like what you hear, I am more than happy to share the rest of the Cain and Abel discography -- just let me know!

Cain and Abel - Up North
Favourite tracks: 3 and 9

Enough Is Enough - Volume 2

Volume 2! The artists on here are The Effort, Final Fight, This Is Hell, Reviver, Iron Chic, Fumblerooski, Balance and Composure, The Stereo State, Crucual Times, Midnight Souls, The Fake Boys, Trunks And Tales, Great Friend Of Mine. Some unreleased, some just old and awesome.


Wednesday, 31 March 2010

Neutral Milk Hotel - Cranberry Lifecycle

In light of Jeff Mangum's "short acoustic set" that will preform at the Chris Knox Benefit Show on May 6th, Jeff has decided to re-release several rare demos including the holy grail "Cranberry Lifecycle". It's been leaked and as every Neutral Milk Hotel fan would expect, it's beyond words. You will be able to buy a hard copy at the Chris Knox Benefit Show. "I swear to god these Cranberry Lifecycle recordings were mind-blowing, and really inspired my recordings. This is some of the best shit to ever come out of Elephant 6 EVER, loose and spontaneous and catchy and surreal lo-fi perfection" Don't ask where or how I got this. I was asked not to leak this but I felt obligated to for the sake of NMT fans everywhere.

Monday, 29 March 2010

Paul Baribeau - Unbearable

By request I'm making this an official post. This is Paul Baribeau's newest album. Beautiful is in the artist's name. Enjoy.

Buy it!(Soon off No Idea)

Friday, 26 March 2010

Pirouette - Thinking In Subtitles

Under the name Pirouette, Scotty Leitch writes noodly emo jams out of the Philadelphia music scene with his three best friends. Think Lehigh Valley influences like Snowing and Street Smart Cyclist meets Philly-based Hightide Hotel. Thinking in Subtitles, Pirouette’s fourth album, seems to leave behind their more restrained sound even while dropping off a second female vocalist. Pirouette brings up emotions of good times, fun times, and summer times. There is little time wasted by long intros and intricate progressions like many other bands of this nature. Expect honest and straight to the point music that will brighten your day. “Charmeleons Ghost Skip” jumps in strong as the first track while the album never loses momentum, even for “Revive” which mid-album changes the pace entirely to a slower, more artsy approach to emo. “Kiss and Tell” is themed of romance defined by the lyric “and there’s no place I’d rather be than glued to you”. Pirouette doesn’t try to deviate from the scene or be deep and witty at all, but have somehow created something unique and exciting. They have a couple demos that are included so it comes off moderately amateur, but all of their albums are given away for free so there is little to complain about.

Download!(They broke up and it's for free now)


Sunday, 21 March 2010

Seth Cudney presents: Wellspring

For the past five years, I have been a devoted follower of my good friend Seth Cudney's music. He has tackled a variety of genres and sounds, each managing to outdo the last, and his most recent project is no exception. This is without a doubt, one best records I have heard in a long, long time. It is honest, it is unique and I'm able to listen to it hundred times over without getting the slightest bit tired of it. Seth, as well as the eight other musicians within the project, are able to capture a classic country-folk sound from the past and make it fresh again.
I've been begging for the opportunity to feature this album on I Found This Song In The Road for months, and now it's here! I hope you guys enjoy it as much as I do.

Download here!

Friday, 19 March 2010


Pittsburgh, PA, for all intents and purposes, is my hometown. I grew up 30 miles outside the city on the backwater side of the tracks, can't figure out which bridge takes me where, and use "y'all" instead of "yinz" (also: Go Pens!). That said, I must concede I ain't really as in touch with the local scene as I should be, which I now sorely regret due to my heretofore lack of even cursory knowledge of a band called Lohio (pronounced "Low-High-Oh").

I first heard the song "Modern Days" from their 2008 album History, the Destroyer on an internet radio station called (great stuff, scope it out if you're at all into musical discovery). I really dug it. Airy, sunny, and catchy, with loping basslines that spread like hot butter. The lead singer, Greg Dutton, comes on with a light, earnest croon and heartfelt lyrics that garner a lot of Shins comparisons but remind me more of Mark Mulcahy at his most poignant.

As things are wont to go with a burned-out college student, the song totally slipped my mind for a month until I read an article in Penn State's newspaper regarding their upcoming performance on campus. I got psyched, because not only did I learn they're from Pittsburgh, but also that, holy shits, free performance by a band that isn't immediately terrible!

So the set was today and, on a gorgeous day like this was in central PA, with the sun shining through the floor-to-ceiling windows, a band like Lohio was the perfect complement. Despite the small and somewhat unenthusiastic audience of maybe 30 or 40 at peak, the band was having a good time (especially the bassist, Liz, who laughed through the last couple songs) and it beamed through in their music. Everything meshed; Greg's guitar shone, Liz's bass danced and rolled, Sven's skins coiled and struck at all the appropriate moments, and Alex's keys impressed, seemingly holding the rest of the band by marionette wires.

They played all their songs with a sure-footed sound you'd expect in a band that's been on the road and developing in a steady iteration for way longer; the mix of influences they bring to the table (90s alt-rock, folk, alt-country, everything good and decent about the American indie rock scene, and on and on) can get muddled and undercut by bands with a lesser grip on form; Lohio never lets songs like Old Orchard Beach or Grandfather's Chaise, the former a nifty heartfelt pop-rocker with a slick rhythm bounce and hooky chorus that reminded me instantly of Wilco's "Heavy Metal Drummer" and the latter a stroll through the (alt-)country with a creamy psych-rock center, slip into a monotonous wreck of noise both familiar and unwelcome. Everything is uniquely their own, but recalls all the best emotions of everything that came before.

I should also mention that "Waiting for the End of the Summertime" might be my new summer anthem.

They rock, they're nice people, and they craft music as effortlessly refreshing as the spring breeze that it makes me long for on a day like this. Why did I move away from Pittsburgh? I'm missing the indie scene already.

Listen and smile.
Read and buy!

Thursday, 18 March 2010

Candy Hearts - Ripped Up Jeans & Silly Dreams

Hey guys, I'm back! And I'm back with a really, super awesome band. Candy Hearts is an indie/punk band with songs mostly about friends and life... and its awesome. Think P.S. Eliot, but a tad poppier. Or Lemuria, but there's no male vocals. There is a song for every mood on the album and that, at least to me, just helps to make a really good album. They've got the sad times songs, the good times songs, the just friends songs, and then there's the song with the lyrics, "We go to together like the alphabet and letters that spell out our names, so perfectly together." This record is just super rad, especially if you like pop-punk, indie, or catchy music at all.

Download Courtesy of If You Make It!

Monday, 15 March 2010

Streetlight Manifesto - 99 Songs of Revolution Volume 1

Streetlight's album leaked and will be released tomorrow for real. This is volume 1 of 8 that will be released consisting of 99 cover songs. I normally hate ska, cover songs, and especially Streetlight Manifesto, but I'm really enjoying this whole thing. Good song selection and good covers.

Volume 1
1. "Birds Flying Away" (originally by Mason Jennings) – 3:27
2. "Hell" (originally by Squirrel Nut Zippers) – 2:56
3. "Just" (originally by Radiohead) – 3:00
4. "Skyscraper" (originally by Bad Religion) – 2:40
5. "Punk Rock Girl" (originally by The Dead Milkmen) – 2:17
6. "Linoleum" (originally by NOFX) – 2:44
7. "Me and Julio Down by the Schoolyard" (originally by Paul Simon) – 2:27
8. "They Provide the Paint for the Picture-Perfect Masterpiece That You Will Paint on the Insides of Your Eyelids" (originally by Bandits of the Acoustic Revolution) – 3:33
9. "Red Rubber Ball" (originally by The Cyrkle) – 2:49
10. "The Troubador" (originally by Louis Jordan) – 3:33
11. "Such Great Heights" (originally by The Postal Service) – 3:30