Friday, 7 November 2008

Compilation - California Ska quake 2: The Aftershock

I picked this up at the dollar store admittedly, but it is definitely the best thing in that entire store(and I've gotten some pretty cool stuff at dollar stores). If you like ska, this compilation has plenty of snazzy mid-90s artists of the California ska scene that you probably never heard of. A few that you have heard of, though, are Save Ferris, The Aquabats, Skadaddyz, and The Hippos. Lesson learned, take a good look at dollar store CDs because they are not all trash.

Compilation - Punk Goes Crunk

The 7th edition of the "Punk Goes" series. Basically it's orginal rap/hip hop songs covered by punk/metalcore bands. I think it's hilarious and umbrella covered by All Time Low is legitimately good... kind of. PUNK AS FUCKKKKKKKK


Animal House - OST

TOGA! TOGA! TOGA! TOGA! It's the Animal House Soundtrack! Pretty much mandatory viewing for anybody attending college or if you will be in the near future. Re-watch when pledging for a frat. The soundtrack 'aint bad either. A few of my favorites include Shout, Tossin' and Turnin', and a cover of Louie, Louie.

Sorry for the lack of posting because my internet has been awful. You'd think college internet was fast.

Tuesday, 4 November 2008

The Crystal Method - Vegas

So, after a month without posting and no indication if last month was the best month or not, I've decided to continue posting again. This week, I've decided to take a step back and post a more familiar artist among techno fans, The Crystal Method. This is their debut album, which perhaps is most famous for the track Busy Child. The sounds are slow, steady beats that like most techno builds up to a cool breakbeat tempo. A classic artist that's definitely worth a listen.