Saturday, 30 May 2009

Riz Ortolani - Cannibal Holocaust Soundtrack

I'm really not sure why this was requested or why anybody would listen to the soundtrack to this movie, but I am complying. This movie was released in 1980 and was so realistic for the time that it was brought to court. Supposedly, certain actors were said to have been actually killed for the making of the film, and many animals were actually killed on camera which of course brought a lot of publicity. It was banned in several countries and goes down in history as a film that will scare in the question of what is real and what is not.
The soundtrack is a mix of sad, upbeat, and electronic music that set the mood for this movie. I listened to it and it's pretty interesting.

Thursday, 28 May 2009

The Jazz June - Breakdance Suburbia

Hey, did I promise to not post any more emo? Yeah, well too bad. These guys attended Kutztown University and I'm so happy that I finally found some good music that came out of my school. They kind of sound like everything combined indie, punk, emo, post hardcore and mix together quite well. I'm slacking in posting, this is a crisis.

Monday, 25 May 2009

Fionn Regan - Radio RTÉ1 Session

Fionn Regan is a chap hailing from County Wicklow, Ireland, who gained a fair bit of attention with his 2006 album 'The End of History'. Since we're all hip young gun-slingers here, I'm sure everyone's well aware of that album and it's own particular virtues (it was nominated for a Mercury award after all, guys). This post gives you a couple of new tracks he recently did for an Irish radio station, both of which are excellent. As it's a one-man and a guitar affair, the songcraft is really on display here, and it fucking shines. If the rest of his next album is as good as this, then I'm sure he'll garner a fair bit more attention; and fairplay to the guy, he deserves it.

Tuesday, 19 May 2009

God Help The Girl

God Help The Girl is the brainchild of Belle & Sebastian (no strangers to this blog) front man Stuart Murdoch. The whole project smacks of Murdoch's usual themes: a longing for things to be simpler, bright guitars, narrative lyrics and strong, melodic vocal lines. Sounding like one imagines Murdoch's and Brian Wilson's brain/lovechild to, there's prettiness all over the place, including the personnel involved; Murdoch's recruited some slammin' hotties for these female vocal lines. A nicely crafted summer project.

Monday, 18 May 2009

Pegasissy - Union

tags on for this artist are shit.

you should download this though, because pegasissy is great.

i got to see this eugene, oregon native play a few years ago when she was a student at bennington college.

really good, heartfelt, and simple stuff. never lets me down when I want to find good music. I love "Bible Belt Reverie" and "Boy She Barely Knew". Thanks!

Bob Log III - My Shit Is Perfect

I can't beat's description yet again.

Bob Log III is a one man band who wears a space helmet with old telephone receiver and Cannonball man overalls. He declared that he wears the helmet as it's the only way he found to hold the telephone.

He plays distorted steel guitar & two acoustic drums & basic lo/fi digital drums at the same time.

Blues/core. Break/blues.

I was gonna say something along these lines anyways, but this guy is nothing short of amazing. I want to compare how awesome the vocals are to Lightning Bolt because distorted vocals using household objects is underrated.


Sigur Rós - Með suð í eyrum við spilum end

Sigur Rós has always impressed me but I've never truly listened to them until this album. Though it is unpronounceable and in Icelandic, Sigur Rós amazes me as always. This time, they stray from their minimalistic post-rock sound and develop more melodic guitar lines and upbeat sounds from their previous album. The music video fro Gobbledigook is people partaking in nudism and running around naked. It sparked controversy because it actually shows private parts, the cover also shows nudity. I do say that the nudity expresses the free feeling that the listener receives when listening to this album.

Sunday, 17 May 2009

Against Me! - The Acoustic EP

This is the folk punk band Against Me!'s acoustic EP(obviously) that came out in 2001, before most of the punk versions of these songs came out. Definitely a must for any Against Me! fan and if you aren't a fan you probably should be.

Thursday, 14 May 2009

Wavves - Wavves

Wavves is an odd duo(mostly Nathan Williams), that's been labeled hipster garbage by many and praised as revolutionary by others. I, as most of the time, am pretty much in between as they sound good but aren't amazing. They are so weird that they have two albums called Wavves and Wavvves, this review being their 2009 album to prevent confusion. They are quite noisy and kind of have a lo-fi feel but since they really don't use lo-fi recording and just pedals they are pretty much just noise pop. They are influenced by surf rock and have a fun noisy feel that you will probably enjoy. Their hit song is called "I'm So Bored" and that's pretty much the extent of the lyrics. Don't expect much lyrically, just relax and enjoy the music.

Saturday, 9 May 2009

Sister City - Forma

These guys emailed me a month ago asking me to post their work and I've been super super lazy/busy so I'm pretty sorry because I like them a lot. This also goes out to the guy a while ago that I never got back to about "Bands that sound like Brand New". Well, these guys are kind of like an acoustic version of them mixed with some Cursive and Kevin Divine. Based out of Rockville, Maryland Sister City is Adam Linder, Daniel Abzug, and Garrett Delaney. They only have 24,000 plays on myspace(Which is definitely an accurate counter of popularity, right?) but they have 3 albums/eps out aleady, 2 of which are free. The third and oldest is only 5 dollars, though! Definitely check out this under the radar indie/punk influenced band and you won't regret it.

Check them out on myspace

and check out their album "Forma" at

Get Clark EP on their myspace!

Wednesday, 6 May 2009

Swimming With Dolphins - Ambient Blue

Another band that my friends picked up that I thought was pretty neat. Along with having the greatest name for a band possible, they have a catchy powerpop feel that will make you happy pretty quickly. Also, I almost failed at finding a picture of these guys and kinda felt like posting a picture of children riding dolphins in Florida.

Passion Pit - Chunk of Change

This is a band that my friends are gaining some popularity in my friend group for some reason. I'm posting it to make them all happy, they are actually pretty good and are kind of electronic and indie or ELECTROINDIE(I swear this label is gonna catch, you just wait). Anyways, enjoy.

Monday, 4 May 2009

Awesome New Republic - Rational Geographic Volume I

Read about them from a digg link to a torrentfreak article. Them and their record label endorsed BitTorrent which automatically makes them really cool. They aren't bad either, they have extremely high reviews and have a great produced sound. They are kind of electro-indie although I'm just making up genres here.

Sunday, 3 May 2009

Lavender Diamond - Imagine Our Love

Lavender Diamond is a folk indie-pop quartet that has captured my ear and heart. I am in love with Becky Stark's vocals and the song "Open Your Heart" so if you get the chance, get this album because it's a keeper. Okay, thanks!

Good Old War - Only Way to Be Alone

Good Old War is made up of Keith Goodwin, Daniel Schwartz, and Tim Arnold. The band was started after Days Away (former band of Keith and Tim) went on hiatus; Schwartz previously played in Unlikely Cowboy. They do a lot of work with Anthony Green(The vocalist of Circa Survive and such) so you'll probably like them if you are into Circa Survive or Saosin.