Thursday, 28 May 2009

The Jazz June - Breakdance Suburbia

Hey, did I promise to not post any more emo? Yeah, well too bad. These guys attended Kutztown University and I'm so happy that I finally found some good music that came out of my school. They kind of sound like everything combined indie, punk, emo, post hardcore and mix together quite well. I'm slacking in posting, this is a crisis.


Emily said...

I just found your blog by accident--actually, by searching to download a Bedouin Soundclash album--and I think it's awesomely coincidental that you went to KU. I go there all the time, mostly to check out what's good at Young Ones. I just thought it was funny. And thanks for all the music!

trollmaster said...

Hey, I still go to KU and yeah I visit Young Ones a lot! Do you know any fun spots that I don't know about in the area?

Emily said...

If you've never been to the used book store at the top of the hill, I forget the name, but that place is amazing. They're always having some sort of sale and everything in there's real haphazard and falling down but you can find some great stuff. Mostly I only know stuff on Main Street, though.

Outside of Kutztown, I've recently started going to Bake Oven Knob and the Lehigh Gap. If you've never been to any of those and you're into awesome nature business, definitely check those out. And there's Play It Again Records in Bethlehem--it's Young Ones-esque, you know, music music music, some underground stuff, very cool.

You know of any good places near the LV? It's summer, my summer class just ended, and I'm terribly bored.

trollmaster said...

I know that book store, I always want to go in! I'll definitely check those places out!

I don't really know that many cool places unfortunately :(

Email me, I don't check comments : (

theupscared said...

The Jazz June are an amazing band.Been listening to them for a decade. It never gets old