Tuesday, 19 May 2009

God Help The Girl

God Help The Girl is the brainchild of Belle & Sebastian (no strangers to this blog) front man Stuart Murdoch. The whole project smacks of Murdoch's usual themes: a longing for things to be simpler, bright guitars, narrative lyrics and strong, melodic vocal lines. Sounding like one imagines Murdoch's and Brian Wilson's brain/lovechild to, there's prettiness all over the place, including the personnel involved; Murdoch's recruited some slammin' hotties for these female vocal lines. A nicely crafted summer project.


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Belle Castillo said...

some people say that the album is a bit "jazzy", but i love it anyway! I sing it all the time when I'm in the shower. LOL

"god help the girl she needs all the help she can get tenenenenenen"