Monday, 18 May 2009

Pegasissy - Union

tags on for this artist are shit.

you should download this though, because pegasissy is great.

i got to see this eugene, oregon native play a few years ago when she was a student at bennington college.

really good, heartfelt, and simple stuff. never lets me down when I want to find good music. I love "Bible Belt Reverie" and "Boy She Barely Knew". Thanks!


Anonymous said...

This link seems to be invalid.
Though it sounds pretty interesting - i surely would love to have listened to it.

trollmaster said...

Link fixed!

Dani said...

oh my god. I just came across that album today while looking at stuff about Rumi (the fig song) and I listened to about the first ten seconds of "Boy She Barely Knew".

But I had to stop when it was basically like, "She was stoned out of her gourd and totally couldn't consent and woke up out of a drug-induced haze to find a boy in the middle of having sex with her on the ground in the forest, but it WASN'T RAPE. It was just sex. That he was in the middle of." Because, you know, it can't be rape unless somebody mean is doing it to you to rape you on purpose!

Of course, I was already on edge after listening to half of the song featuring "Drunk Driving Unicorn", which is mostly just clips of people laughing over and over. So... Seriously how is this awesome??? aaaaa!!