Saturday, 9 May 2009

Sister City - Forma

These guys emailed me a month ago asking me to post their work and I've been super super lazy/busy so I'm pretty sorry because I like them a lot. This also goes out to the guy a while ago that I never got back to about "Bands that sound like Brand New". Well, these guys are kind of like an acoustic version of them mixed with some Cursive and Kevin Divine. Based out of Rockville, Maryland Sister City is Adam Linder, Daniel Abzug, and Garrett Delaney. They only have 24,000 plays on myspace(Which is definitely an accurate counter of popularity, right?) but they have 3 albums/eps out aleady, 2 of which are free. The third and oldest is only 5 dollars, though! Definitely check out this under the radar indie/punk influenced band and you won't regret it.

Check them out on myspace

and check out their album "Forma" at

Get Clark EP on their myspace!


Adam said...

Thanks a lot for the feature!

trollmaster said...

Welcome, keep up the good music!