Tuesday, 27 July 2010

Banquets - This Is Our Concern, Dude 7"

"In keeping with their weird Big Lebowski fetish, the guys released this record as a one-sided 12" with two bonus songs under the name "Nothing is Fucked Here" through German label Coffee Breath and Heartache (the art for the German version was done by Jamie from The Arteries). Like most things created outside the US, the German version kicks the American version's ass which I'm man enough to admit."

Compare theirs:


To the new 7 inch:


...and you'll see what I mean. Take a look at German soccer, BMW's, and that thing called beer, and the release turning out this way was really bound to happen.

Pressing info:

500 7"s
100 - Red
150 - White
250 - Blue

For fans of The Get Up Kids, Hey Mercedes, and Gaslight Anthem, "This is Our Concern, Dude" is the the project from former Let Me Run singer Travis Omilian.

Download "Eleanor, I Need a Garden"

Or off the Beard Party Compilation.

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