Wednesday, 16 June 2010

Beard Party - Beard Party Summer Sampler 2010

Beard Party is a Pennsylvania based DIY music family. We promote a positive independent and DIY/DIT music community by assisting our friends, and musicians we like to put out records, help design artwork, promote shows, record songs, print shirts, press various other types of merchandise, and promote a positive scene and network of avid musicians and fans.

Beard Party has released it's first compilation entitled Beard Party Summer Sampler 2010 which features genres ranging across folk, punk, and hardcore. Trunks & Tales which runs Beard Party is featured along with a 18 more including wonderful bands such as Paul Blest, Anniversary Club, Pedals On Our Pirate Ships, Ship Wrecks, Old Times Burials, Young Mountain, and Timeshares(ex The Knockdown).

It's 20 tracks, all of them for free off bandcamp. If you want, you can donate 2 dollars, buy it at a Trunks & Tales show, or get it from most of the bands on the compilation. Aside from having the best name in the world, Beard Party is truly punk and not profit.

Stream and download

The Family



Anonymous said...

How to download for free?

Jesse said...

Oh, with bandcamp you can click "download" and then when it asks for a "name your own price" pop in 0.