Sunday, 6 June 2010

We Were Skeletons - We Were Skeletons

We Were Skeletons after being signed to Topshelf Records is set to drop another album June 29th which will be self-titled. Yet again, it took me forever to get through the first track and just ended up listening to that for a couple hours and then getting distracted. I’m sorry for being blown away and taking so long to listen to the rest of it.

Anyways, the opener “Drawn from the Houses I've Burnt” blew me away at the progression of them as a band since their album Summers. First of all, quality-wise the recording is much better. Material-wise they maintain their yelpy screamo pogoing in a chaotic mesh of vocals. I did notice that they re-recorded “Well, I did Spend a Year in College” off the 75:24 compilation which is kinda cool because it’s one of the best songs on that compilation.

It’s amazing how much this band has developed in such a short period of time of being signed. I saw them live at Albright College in which they were great but almost nobody showed up to that show despite so many great bands. Still, I bought Summers which although getting stuck in the CD player of my car and having to fish out, I was blown away by. Oh by the way, Summer is available for free so look for the link on the bottom.

I was really excited for the record release show until I realized that I was working on that day. I highly recommend going not only because it’s at Seniorita Burrita, but because they are all great people and it’s guaranteed that you’ll have a blast at their show. It also helps that Snowing, Merchant Ships, Boys & Sex, мища and Our Parents Forgot Us are playing. Just saying, Merchant Ships doesn’t tour the east coast often. Go see them.

Facebook event for record release show even for record release show

Self Titled Promo Tracks(Kids, Drawn From The Houses I've Burnt, Exposure To Heavy Metals Causes Whatever)

Pre-order "We Were Skeletons LP"

Summers full album download(Free)


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