Wednesday, 7 April 2010

Cain and Abel - Up North

This album is poppy. This album is fun. This band broke up in 2008, but I will listen to this album forever. Past members have begun new music projects I Am Committing A Sin and Ulysses and the Siren; both are worthy of a good listen.
If you guys like what you hear, I am more than happy to share the rest of the Cain and Abel discography -- just let me know!

Cain and Abel - Up North
Favourite tracks: 3 and 9


Anonymous said...

Can you post the I Am Committing a Sin EP?

barnaclegoose said...

I don't have THAT, however, there are a few more of their songs streamed here:

Anonymous said...

this is great, thanks! would love the rest of discography.. :>

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