Wednesday, 24 June 2009

Broski - Jortch

Out of Allentown, PA right near where I go to school, comes Broski, the sister of a blog reader named Emily. Broski is self described as "Music for driving away from your girlfriend's house" and it's pretty fitting. The four track EP is just a two-piece set of Mitch on guitar and Jordan on drums, but the simplicity isn't a bad thing. Mitch plays some choppy quick catchy rifts with a definite emo influence. They recently played with My Heart To Joy which is what I'm digging right now so that's a plus. I was going to try relate them to a Cap'n Jazz spin-off band, but they are like an upbeat version of all of them combined. My only critique which is kind of a major turn-off for me normally is the lack of vocals. I'm a big fan of music with something to say and a good voice to say it. Despite this, I enjoyed listening to Broski, and I look foward to seeing how they develop.



Emily said...

Dude, awesome! They send their thanks.

trollmaster said...

Tell them you're welcome!

Thanks for sending! I like the album a lot.