Sunday, 21 June 2009

In Heaven and You - Vena Cava Parts I and II

So five folks decided to send emails to this here blog askin' for reviews of their music, so I thought, "Hey, I'm an asshole who thinks he knows something about music, I could spare a few words for these guys," and so I did.
The first of the three bands I was asked to review was a project known as In Heaven and You lead by Alex Vallejo. The description in the email that was forwarded to me said, "...dark folk...", but if anything, this is acoustic prog with a small latin vibe (or at least the three tracks I was sent were). There's a virtuoso feel with each track, but without the lack of substance that virtuoso songs tends to have (see. every generic prog-metal band in existence. Planet X comes to mind).
The songs were primarily acoustic guitar and vocals with one little goody here and there. There's some rough patches, but overall this dude has tremendous potential and amazing talent. The musicianship is phenomenal and the songs have a great vibe that's begging for larger arrangements. Vocals are very heart-worn-on-sleeve-ish and have a bitter sweet hint of emotion, but could benefit from some vocal training. If you're in the mood for something dark, but light on the ears, pick this shit up now.

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