Tuesday, 9 June 2009

Toby Foster & A Drum and an Open Window - Split

Toby Foster plays shows with his friends and sings songs about fun stuff and his friends. A Drum and An Open Window is "about staying young forever". Fun split between two neato acoustic acts.


Oh, and I found this album on a blog called "Soup Eerie Oar Taste" so check them out on our friends list!


lessthangene said...

can't get enough of this lately! i just found it the other day and the Toby Foster half is excellent.

Mike V said...

Toby played in my living room once before. His band is playing a show this August in Philly that my friend and I are setting up. Really great stuff.

trollmaster said...

Hey Mike V, how about you stop rocking so hard with your awesome house shows. :[

Mike V said...

haha, I wish I could have REAL house shows. My place is totally unsuitable. Only acoustic-ish shows thus far. :[