Monday, 2 August 2010

Summer Songs For The Road Mix #1

Summer is winding down, though still going strong. It is a time for friendship, carelessness, and most importantly: driving endlessly. This is a compilation of songs that evoke such feelings during these warm sunny months. There are more mix tapes to come.

Algernon Cadwallader - Spit Fountain
Ghosts And Vodka - Cowboys And Sailors
Snowing - Methuselah Rookie Card
Street Smart Cyclist - Pastor of Puppets
Pirouette - Charmeleons Ghost Skip
Cap'n Jazz - Que Suerte!
Footnotes - Girls
Park Ranger Barkwood - Jocks On Bikes
Hightide Hotel - The Tender And The Terrible
Touche Amore - Adieux
Merchant Ships - Let's Exchange Word Vomit
La Dispute - Such Small Hands
Halfway To Holland - This Page Is Intentionally Blank
Suis La Lune - Utter Silence Is Fragile
La Quiete - Super Omega
Merchant Ships - Old Grey
Corcovado - Money Shot


Feel free to distribute, but give credit where it is due. Also, recognize that these tracks are for promo use only.



Anonymous said...

Cameron Bock said...

wow, this shares a ridiculous amount of the same songs on a mix i made a few weeks ago!

obviously, good choices sir.

Jesse said...

I made it into a road mix for my car and it seems that you have some of that too. SPREAD SHEETS is rad. It seems we share the same favorite bands/songs :P

marktheshark said...