Friday, 26 March 2010

Pirouette - Thinking In Subtitles

Under the name Pirouette, Scotty Leitch writes noodly emo jams out of the Philadelphia music scene with his three best friends. Think Lehigh Valley influences like Snowing and Street Smart Cyclist meets Philly-based Hightide Hotel. Thinking in Subtitles, Pirouette’s fourth album, seems to leave behind their more restrained sound even while dropping off a second female vocalist. Pirouette brings up emotions of good times, fun times, and summer times. There is little time wasted by long intros and intricate progressions like many other bands of this nature. Expect honest and straight to the point music that will brighten your day. “Charmeleons Ghost Skip” jumps in strong as the first track while the album never loses momentum, even for “Revive” which mid-album changes the pace entirely to a slower, more artsy approach to emo. “Kiss and Tell” is themed of romance defined by the lyric “and there’s no place I’d rather be than glued to you”. Pirouette doesn’t try to deviate from the scene or be deep and witty at all, but have somehow created something unique and exciting. They have a couple demos that are included so it comes off moderately amateur, but all of their albums are given away for free so there is little to complain about.

Download!(They broke up and it's for free now)


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