Friday, 18 December 2009

Fishboy - Nom

Fishboy of Denton, Texas has granted us a press release of their EP entitled Nom being released August 18th. I have been awaiting this album since it's announce months before. I got a press release before it came out and posted it on my now dead blog whokilledpop and never put it up here. I bought the vinyl limited edition copy and it's definitely worth the buy for the art and the vinyl quality. This band is in my top 5 all time favorite artists, been listening to them since like 2002 when they were incredibly tiny. It seems that they are having a show soon in Texas to announce a 2010 album that I'm excited to hear about.

The album will be released on 12" vinyl and some hand screened CD-rs. Fishboy did the vocals and then sent them to their goods friends the band The Om Nom Noms to do the instrumentals. The two compliment each other so well that you would never know that neither had any input on each other. The songs are rejects of their last rock opera the would confuse the story or just didn't flow. The album puts out some catchy indie fun into always amusing lyrics that you would have to be a fool to not smile at. In Nom, Fishboy proves their development from a basement solo project to a group of fun, creativity, and pure indie rock fun with a hint of twee. I have been a fan of Fishboy for quite a long time and I can not wait to own this on vinyl and CD. Happy Birthday To Me Records is putting this all out and you can get their last album and rock opera "Albatross: How We Failed To Save The Lone Star State With The Power Of Rock And Roll" along with their previous album "Little D" for just 10 dollars combined! They are also going to release a west coast tour to take place after their album release.

Here is a little description of the band, album, and such from Eric himself:
Originally the bedroom solo project of Eric Michener that began in 1998, Fishboy has taken on many forms. The past five years have seen the group transformed into a four-piece rock band that released 2007's Albatross: How We Failed to Save the Lone Star State with the Power of Rock and Roll, hailed by some as "The world's greatest twee rock opera" and by others as "The world's only twee rock opera." The band has repeatedly toured the nation, playing said rock opera to all who would listen. A great time was had by most. But let's back up. To fully understand the latest Fishboy EP, two nuggets of truth are needed:

Nugget #1: The writing process of Albatross was 95% linear, in that nearly every track was written in the order it appears on the album. After the first song was completed, some thought was put into where to take the storyline and the musical flow of the album. Oftentimes full songs were completed and then scrapped because one of these two things wasn't working out -- either the plot came to a dead end or the flow of the album didn't work. When it was time to start the follow up to Albatross, it became clear that any attempt to use these songs would result in a lyrically confused mess of an album. Not that the songs weren't good; they were just abandoned plot lines to an alternate rock opera reality. And so a plan was hatched.

Nugget #2: Instead of gathering the band together to spend precious writing and arranging hours on these songs, the decision was made to blindly put them in the hands of a group of musicians with nothing to lose. Michener decided to hand over all musical duties and decisions to a local Denton, TX group of super-producers known as the Om Nom Noms. Michener took one trip into the studio, recorded vocals and scratch guitar, the guitar was deleted, and the Noms reconstructed the songs however they saw fit. Some upbeat songs became ambient, some hushed finger picked songs became rockers, and anything was possible in between.

The nine-song EP was titled NOM, not only after its creators, but after the sound of something eating another. It arrives on August 18th and will be pressed on 12" vinyl with album sleeves that double as fold-out prints hand-screened by the band themselves, for sale on and distributed to select stores via HHBTM Records. The first 100 orders will receive unique packaging and a lot of little extras to be announced in detail once the preorder site launches later this month.

Check them out and buy the album at: (last album)

Here are 2 promo tracks to download. "Cobra Cobra" and "Gabe Saucedo Hates My Guts"


Anonymous said...

toooo long!

Jesse said...

I try to write a long review for artists that ask me to review them for experience and because it looks more legit. Sorry that it looks kind of much compared to the other posts, but it's kind of nifty I think.

nick said...

Fishboy asked you to review them? Their one of my favorite bands! ASKED you to review them, more like got to review them!

Jesse said...

I've followed them since their beginning when they just came out with their first "album". I'm pretty sure Eric knows who I am and we talked for a bit about the press release.

I'm hoping to get more info on their next album, they have been playing some of their latest stuff at their shows.

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