Monday, 14 December 2009

Slug's Revenge "Revenge is Never a Four Letter Word"

Slug's Revenge is a heavily political anarchist acoustic folk punk bluegrass artist named Kevin. I first saw Slug's Revenge in July of 2007 at an event outside my hometown called the Skunk Ape Traveling Circus Tour where Kevin was playing with artists such as the Michael Jordan Touchdown Pass, Mischief Brew, Wingnut Dishwasher's Union, Whiskey Smile, and Armed Metropolis.

His unique style of bluegrass folk punk is what turned me onto him at first. Mandolins and banjos don't typically catch my fancy, but watching his bluegrass-virtuoso finger style was just far too impressive to forget about. This album is well produced and pulls together all of the elements of his performance with further instrumental contributions including an accordion on "Dailey's Jam". Bluegrass folk punk is hardly attempted let alone done so well. If you end up listening to this album you'll soon catch on to what he's laying down and his mission. Exhuming the ancient art of using folk music for a political goal, Slug's Revenge makes good use of channeling his energies and beliefs into his music. Pick up what he's putting down, guys. Save Appalachia.

Slug's Revenge is apart of the Rusty Strings Collective. You can visit his website at where his discography is available for download, or his Myspace at

"An organization that's fights wars based on lies and deceit, will lie to and deceive you to get you to fight it for 'em!" -Slug's Revenge, "Notes on Military Recruitment"

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