Friday, 18 December 2009

forgetters - Live bootleg

If you haven't heard of forgetters you are missing out. Blake Schwarzenbach(ex-Jawbreaker, ex-Jets to Brazil, ex-Thorns of Life) along with a former drummer of Against Me! Kevin Mahon and Caroline Paquita on bass. This Monday night I was in the presence of Blake, five feet away for about 45 minutes straight. forgetters put on an amazing show, if you are a fan of Jawbreaker at all you will love this. As of yet they do not have any releases so your only bet is to find live bootlegs like the one of Monday night's show in Charlotte. I think there is one more out there that I know of, I'm not sure on the track listing on the other one.
Not my link, sorry for lack of song titles, here is what I think they are called based on the set list my friend nabbed and the charts.
1. Red Dress (sometimes called Vampire Lessons)
3. Black Art (this is my favorite so far)
4. Hoop and Swan
5. Night Accelerates
6. Someone's Gonna Love Me Someday
7. Not Immune
8. Not Funny
9. Stupid Lib

re-upped, better quality this time


Anonymous said...

Could you please reupload?

Samhain said...

I will try to, but my connection isn't great

Michael said...

i am the guy who recorded this. i didnt intend for the old version to get so widely distributed. the recording had low volume, had to crank it all the way to hear everything... i adjusted the volume and reuploaded it here:

Samhain said...

Thanks Michael, the sound quality was surprisingly good for a bootleg, I'm glad someone got a recording of such an amazing show

Distortion not Noise said...

Many thanks! I saw them at the Bowery Ballroom in NYC 2/6/10 and it was a great show. Great to hear the songs again!