Thursday, 10 December 2009

Failed Attempts at Facial Hair - Girls, Friends, and Girlfriends

Hey everybody, I'm gonna start off by, like many people below me, introducing myself. My name is Jake and I am from Ardmore, Pennsylvania. It's outside of Philly.

Ok. Failed Attempts at Facial Hair is John Crodian singing songs with a ukulele, a guitar, and even unaccompanied. His songs are about everything from bad haircuts to sleeveless t-shirts to falling in love outside a Napalm Death show. You should listen to this album if you need music to affirm what you are feeling, whether that is contentment, alienation, or anything in between. These songs ring true for anyone who has ever grown up in the suburbs or been through high school and they need to be heard by everyone.

Download it here:

Also: My page is If you see anything there you would like, let me know!


alexkillscops said...

Grindcore girl is awesome.
Nice upload!

Mike V said...

John's a close friend of mine and a great musician. Look out for his stuff in the future.

Anonymous said...

go Jake! this album <3

Anonymous said...

what kind of ukulele is he playing? (tenor, soprano, etc.?)

john cena said...

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