Saturday, 5 December 2009

Secondstar - Teeth EP

So, uh, hey mans and lady-likes! So, yeah, since the last time I posted I've listened to a sizable cros-section of the musical universe and I gotta tell ya it's been a fun ride. The thing I'ma give y'all today, though, is a recent acquisition. It's an EP by this band called Secondstar I found through a blog called 3hive. If you dig Justin Vernon, aka Bon Iver, and think it'd be a dream scenario if he and Leslie Feist had a child, and that child grew up dejected from the neglect brought about by the rigors of his parents' touring, and then that child got some instruments and made some music in a damp basement, well, here ya go!

If that's off-putting, which it might be because I'm pretty outta shape with my review writing, we'll go with "it makes me smile, even though it shouldn't". Pretty stuff. Feels far away: an originally hazy dream you can now only scarcely recall, or a best friend that moved away when you were in the third grade.


P.S. I bought it on CD Baby for $5 if anyone gives a frig.

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