Wednesday, 9 December 2009

Hello, world!

Hey, ya'll. My name is Mike V. I hail from Philadelphia, PA. I just joined this collaborative effort to spread sounds. I spend a lot of time listening to as much music as possible so as you could imagine I have quite a bit to share, and I like sharing. But let's not forget the real people who are sharing their work, the artists. If anyone out there wants to do something cool over this coming Winter break, you should find out an address to one of your favorite musicians and send him or her or them letters. I'm talkin' really cool letters and maybe even mix cds. How awesome would it be if one of your favorite artists ended up liking the same stuff as you? It's not that farfetch'd! So yeah, in exchange for me sharing with you guys and them sharing with all of us, I think we should all make at least an attempt at this before the year ends. Let me know how it turns out. I'm excited for the both of us.

Yours truly, Mike V.

PS. Oh and do yourself and everyone you know a favor and try not to overplay that Vince Guaraldi Trio album this year. Happy Holidays!

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