Monday, 14 December 2009

The Avett Brothers, Live Vol. II

Sometimes it gets really hard not to become one of "those" fans. The guys who constantly insist that the only good material by a band was their earlier stuff, from "before they got popular". With homestate heroes, The Avett Brothers, it is in fact very easy to be one of "those" fans. The brother's latest offering, I And Love And You could best be described as beautiful, brilliant, creative, and disappointing. Their debut for American Records just reeks of Rick Rubin, glossy overproduction and a disconnected feeling. I guess it's not fair to complain, the years and many albums the Avett Brothers have put out have been a wonderful labor of love and devotion to their fans and their fellow man. They have poured their hearts into every album they have ever recorded, including the newest, and with the exception of the newest every album endears you with it's rough edges, it's sweet saccharine honesty.
The Avett's are some of the finest live musicians to boot, sounding almost better live than on album with even rougher edges and truer honesty. This live recording is a benchmark of their early career containing the best versions of some of their classic songs like "I Killed Sally's Lover", "November Blue", and "Smoke In Our Lights". If you care at all for alt. country, grungegrass, americana folk rock, beautiful voices, deft non-traditional bluegrass instrumentation then this is a live album for your collection


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