Thursday, 10 December 2009

Cheeky - What the Heck?

Another member of the new contributer parade here! I'll be posting with the nom de blog Potatoes O'Grady for now, because hey, it just feels kinky. I live in Athens, GA, and hopefully I'll be providing y'all with lots of fun, unheard stuff from here and wherever else. First up, here's the farewell 12" from one of my favorite gone-too-soon bands, Cheeky.
Cheeky was three ladies and a dude based in Brooklyn, playing some of the brattiest, catchiest punk rock to be pumped out in recent memory. Razorcake called them a throwback to the old 90s Recess Records catalog, and the description certainly fits. They played their final shows last month, leaving behind a couple of releases that didn't even combine for a half-hour in length, but will stick in your head for a lot longer than that. The album's only been available on vinyl so far, but a friend of mine ripped it for me, and here I pass it on to you. You can also check out their debut EP, Choke on a Cheeseburger, for free on Quote Unquote Records. So give 'em a listen, maybe drop a couple o' bucks in their donation box, and make sure to watch out for future projects from Kate, Kate, Angie, and Brian.

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