Sunday, 1 February 2009

Darla Farmer - Rewiring the Electric Forest

Often the genre of 'experimental' is fully exploited to just be a nicer word for 'We really don't have any direction. No, really.'
Darla Farmer purifies the rep with their 2008 release Rewiring the Electric Forest. Out of Nashville, the band's name was inspired by a plain Nashvillian bank teller. This really juxtaposes the fundamental dark horror-punk Darla Farmer is. Horror-punk is the foundation they always seem to return to on Electric Forest, but the experimental bit I mentioned earlier takes shape in the inklings of anything from cabaret to ska on the record. Clint Wilson's erratic vocals matches the unpredictable tone of the record, heard in 'Dirty Keys' which is mostly him doing a combination of a retch-scream. Those bits of the album are a little difficult to palette at first, but once you manage, you're left with an album that satisfies every one of your weird music fetishes.


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