Tuesday, 10 February 2009

Blackbird Raum - Swidden

Blackbird Raum is my type of band. A local group from Santa Cruz, California they preform gypsy pirate folk punk that is just about perfect. They preform on the streets and using accordions, banjos, pianos, washtub basses, and scream until they can't scream anymore. I've recently gotten back into them realizing just how awesome they are. Elise will probably be angry that I posted this because I found out about them from her, but she's late on it. Tell me if you like them, I have a couple more bands that are similar that I can post. I'll probably post them anyways because I know you'll like them... as in somebody will like them.




Francisco Maia said...

I usually never comment on blogs, but I have to say this: your blog is awesome. It's personal and down to earth, you have a vast knowledge in music and trends but you don't over-do it like most of the other music blogs (most of them pedantic in my opinion). Also, I really enjoy your taste in music. If you say it's a great band/album, I'm never disappointed. I also appreciate your effort in keeping the blog fresh and updated.

Thank you and I think I'll publicize your blog on mine ;)

mashish said...

my band played with blackbird last summer.

they were amazing live but they traded us their first album which while it had great artwork, the music on it wasnt NEARLY as good as their live show.

this album on the other hand is INSANE. as soon as rubicon hit me i was HOOKED!!

trollmaster said...

Thanks <333

This album is certainly incredible and compared to their first is AMAZING.

I'll be posting more like this soon.


This band is absolutly great!

I know some portuguese bands in this style :)

GoxRecords said...

Hey, great post! My label GoxRecords will be releasing a split EP by blackbird Raum with Hail Seizures this summer just in time for their European tour! Look out for it!

GoxRecords said...

Hey the split EP with blackbird raum and Hail Seizures! was finally released under my label Go Records! you can buy it from the band on tour or from my site goxrecords.bigcartel.com goxrecords.blogspot.com

Anonymous said...

dude I was at one of their shows and the fucking accordion player pushed a cop into a swimming pool!!!