Wednesday, 25 February 2009

The Dead Brothers - Dead Music for Dead People

These guys are not so much a solid band as they are an ever-shifting funeral procession collective. They've traversed the alleys of Europe as part of the Electric Circus. They were conceptually conceived from 'Dead Alain' (guitars, banjos, vox) following his studies of death at the University of Geneva. They are: 'A mega combo with three tubas, 9 other horns and a dead Brother puppet dancing, an folk guitar symphony orchestra, a primitive banjo and accordion duo that sounded like shit, ten members reproducing Kurt Weill's arrangements of Brechts' 3 Penny Opera at the Basler Opera, three old acoustic Armenians sitting on chairs, a summer piano cabaret band with slide guitar and fiddle'

Okay? The lesson (and the record) you should come away with from this post is that there's no use in assigning perimeters of 'genre' or 'style' to this band. It's a stretch for me to even use the tags on here- but it's what the trollmaster commands. One unrestrictive umbrella term that can be used regarding this record is that it's dark. But you probably figured that out already from the subtle overtones of death in this post. The presence of mandolin, banjo, oboe, horns on the record perforate the morbid feel that could lean towards being too heavy without their assistance.

So, give it a try if you're in the market for something to jilt you or make your day a little more sinister. It'll be fun. We can be a new brand of Dead Head.



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