Monday, 2 February 2009

Hot Chip - The Warning

Quick post, not even my description, no time on my hands... good album, though!

Hot Chip is an electrorock band which formed in London, United Kingdom in 2000. It consists of Alexis Taylor (vocals, guitar, keyboards), Joe Goddard (vocals, synths, percussion), Al Doyle (guitar, vocals), Owen Clarke (synths, guitar) and Felix Martin (percussion). The combination of Taylor’s ethereal high pitch vocals and Goddard’s warm low pitch and the band’s blip-blop electronics creates a dreamy sound. The band is best known for the hit singles “Over and Over” from this album.

If you like Cut Copy, you'll like these guys a lot.


Quicksilver said...

Thanks for referencing one of my earlier posts :D Might get something uploaded today. (Tuesday over here)

trollmaster said...

It's wednesday...

Coooooool... :P

Jarv said...

Soooooo much more could have been said about this band, let alone this album.
Not to mention the sick live show they put on.
Disappointing dude