Saturday, 28 February 2009

Slingshot Dakota - Their Dreams are Dead, But Ours is the Golden Ghost!

This is another band I've been holding out because I saw live. Slingshot Dakota is probably the cutest band you will ever see. Jeff Cunningham of Bridge and Tunnel was part of the band for the first album, but now the band only consists of a two-piece act of Carly Comando on keyboard and Tom Patterson on drums. Carly manages to play several parts of the band at once with her keyboard filling in with bass lines, banging on her keyboard, and putting out some of the most heart-filled vocals ever. Tom Patterson practically slams his drums into the floor with enough energy to make your pants rattle. When I saw them it reminded me of Lightning Bolt with vocals, only less aggressive. They even played on the floor. Mike Vee(link to his blog on right on right) saw them at the Two-Piece Fest in Philadelphia and he says they were one of the best acts and Japanther was there. Get this album now and go see them live.


tom said...

make sure you buy our cd if you like it... we released this ourselves, and we're still in debt! thanks so much!!!! hope to see some of you this spring when we're on tour!

slingshot dakota

trollmaster said...

Hey! Thanks for the comment! I actually just listened to your CD in my car today. Thanks for putting out a great show, great CD, and your DIY everything. I hope to see you guys again when I get time to go to more shows.

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