Saturday, 13 December 2008

Electric Laser People - Straight Talk on Raising Kids

Time for a kind of weird band, but they are ridiculously good. I can't describe them so I'll let do that for you.

“Electric Laser People take on old-school rap style in a whimsical manner by draping absurd lyrics over minimal electronic sound effects and guitar crunches, like a sonic merging of Ratatat and Licensed to Ill.”
- All Music Guide /

“1980s inspired dance rock with a good beat and hooks a crowd can sing too.”
- Boston Globe

“… innovative lyrics that look into the lives of teenagers.”
- BostonNOW

Oh, and they are tagged as "dirty water music, the dise, indierave" which is kind of intimidating. I swear, they are good.

Oh... and they give their album for free which is always a bonus

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