Tuesday, 2 December 2008

Superfamily - Warszawa

I doubt any of you heard about a post I made a few weeks ago, but I got a nice little email that ultimately deleted my post and gave me a slap on the hand. Due to the controversy of such post I was not only discouraged but scared to post for awhile. So I decided to grow a pair....

With my first post in over a month, I give you Superfamily. I heard one song from these guys and instantly fell in love. Imagine The Cure's upbeat 80's songs meeting the singer from The Killers (Hot Fuss, not their new shit.) Superfamily is pretty much that in a nutshell, yet everyone of their new songs dabble in a new genre, giving them some versatility. If you don't like one song, skip it, you're bound to find something you do.

Songs worth a Listen:
Teens of the 70's, I Could be a real Winner, and Bitches on the Scene.



anibalenci said...

buenisimo!!"The Radio Has Expressed Concerns About What You Did Last Night" es un temazo!! ¿es su unico disco?

trollmaster said...

I'm glad you liked the album. There are more albums out there, but this is by far the best album. The other albums are not very available also. If we come across one, we'll be sure to post it and think of you!

Estoy contento que usted quiso el álbum. Hay más álbumes allí, pero esto está por lejos el mejor álbum. Los otros álbumes no están muy disponibles también. ¡Si encontramos uno, nosotros estaremos seguros anunciarlo y pensar en usted!

I don't think you were speaking spanish, but I hope that helped you understand me. :P