Wednesday, 10 December 2008

Against Me! - As The Eternal Cowboy

Against Me! Has been recently added to my top 10 all time favorite bands and I’ve been meaning to post this album for a while now. This is their second album which switched them from No Idea to Fat Wreck Chords which made some fans concerned that they lost their DIY ethics. I’m a fan of DIY artists, but I don’t care in the case of Against Me! This album has been described by Tom Gabel the lead songerwriter of the band as “More punk” than their previous album Reinventing Axel Rose if that’s possible. It’s still got it’s folk punk core to it which is what I like about this album. Against Me!’s newer albums are even more punk than this album(If that’s possible). I’d offer songs to listen to, but I just recommend listening to this album straight through because all of them are amazing.

Sorry for the lack of posting. Unclebob (MatthewT) promised to post the past 3 days and will probably post next week something really awful. He really messes things up around here :P


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