Wednesday, 10 December 2008

Jeff Magnum - Live At Jittery Joe's

Jeff Magnum, lead of Neutral Milk Hotel does a live performance of Neutral Milk Hotel songs. He's really good live, and it makes me sad that he doesn't preform like this anymore. There's not much to say besides if you like Neutral Milk Hotel or want to try something good then get some of this. I suggest getting the studio album over this, I'm not big on live albums. There's a baby crying in the first couple songs, and it pisses me off. Enjoy?


Jarvillian said...

You've been listening to this in the wrong order brah:

trollmaster said...

This makes so much more sense now.

I still can't stand that baby, though.

Mike V said...

I really enjoyed this. Thanxxx.

CatĂș said...