Tuesday, 9 December 2008

ATB - Addicted To Music

It's hard finding good trance these days. New age trance isn't embraced as much as more popular genres like electro and hard dance. For this reason, I have for this week decided to upload the most recent album from André Tanneberge, or ATB for short. Famous mostly for the success of the track 9pm (till I come) this album illustrates that ATB still has what it takes to make good music. It's a very soft, ambient piece, but it picks up on songs Everything is Wrong and Sunset Girl. Collaborating with Roberta Harrison gives a rather sombre tone to the album that creates a feeling of longing for something more, perhaps suggesting ATB's journey in the music industry is far from over.



trollmaster said...

Why do all electronic/trance artists look like they are from the 80s or an abusive boyfriend from Lifetime?


Quicksilver said...

I've been wondering this too. I use last.fm for my pictures, and that's the best picture I could find. It's not just the 80's feel, most trance DJ's like to put themselves near large skyscrapers and have the camera facing upwards. Very strange image, for sure.