Friday, 19 December 2008

Page France - Come, I'm A Lion

Page France were an indie folk-pop music band. Their music tends to be emotional and their songs tend to have simple melodies. Page France is sometimes compared to Sufjan Stevens for their use of uncommon instruments such as the glockenspiel and banjo.

The band broke up in 2008. Frontman Michael Nau is now focusing his full attention on Cotton Jones, another reason why 2008 sucks.

Page France is also a rarity on the internet and links get taken down in above average speed so grab this one real fast and don't hesitate until tomorrow! Our other Page France album has been down since the first day it was posted and I still haven't downloaded it because I missed the link. If you have it, I want it because I've become a large fan of these guys.

Oh, and Page France is no a Christian Rock band so don't even try to pull lyrics and say they are religious.
(Link was down, now it's back up... told you! Shoot me an email if it goes down again!


Anonymous said...


Is there anyway you can re-upload this?

Such a great band


alix the elf said...

Deleted again :[

trollmaster said...

Re-upping as we speak.

Use the email to report dead links!

Anonymous said...

Oh, okay...sorry haha

And thanks :]

Anonymous said...

Page France aren't even a rock band so how they be classified as a Christian rock band?
Would it matter so much if they were?

Anonymous said...

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