Wednesday, 1 October 2008

Ratatat - Ratatat

All hope would seem lost for this blog if the declining effort and quality of the music posted last month were to persist. This month I have made it my goal to resurrect the ideals and passion that we initially set forth with from the start.

With the ever popular trend of electronic music in our mainstream, everyone is trying to find "the next big thing". Well, you can stop looking, cause here they are. New York's Ratatat has combined the melodic sounds of a guitar and beaten it to a choppy synth driven tone that we all crave. This is their first album which has set the standard for the electronic genre as a whole. Even though the album is 4 years old now, it still holds that edgy Electrock sound that we hear from the likes of Justice today.

Songs Worth A Listen: Seventeen Years, Germany to Germany, and Bustelo.



trollmaster said...

Last month was one of those months that everybody was like "What the hell are we doing?" and the trainwreck kept on going ontouched.

It's also my personal goal to make this month the best month ever.

Hopefully other contributors feel the same and start being more active in this effort.

doso said...

This makes me want to post LP3. I fucking love Ratatat. I had to miss the show a while back though.

cureme said...

Hey you seem to have great taste in music, I really in enjoy your blogs, How do I follow your blogs though? I dont see a button to do that!
Check out my blogs sometime synthead.blogspot

or if you have myspace

trollmaster said...

Doso, don't repeat artists but feel free to post things like Ratatat because they are pretty sweet.

Cureme, your blog is just 2 giant posts? I do not understand what you mean by following my blogs, though. What kind of button are you looking for?

I like your blog, it's pretty neat.

Jarvillian said...

Good post, I've been meaning to check out these guys for some time now.

I think cureme wants an RSS feed, Troll. It wouldn't go amiss.

trollmaster said...

She(I think) posted on my comment on her blog.

"Thanx for the kind words, what I mean is, how can I "become a follower" for your blog? I dont see the button for that anywhere on your blog page. This is new but I have a bunch of blogs on myspace that I am transferring over here. :)"

To Cureme, we don't have a spot for followers. We just appreciate comments to let us know who is reading and user opinions. There will possibly be polls or a comment box sometime soon, though.