Thursday, 16 October 2008

MF DOOM - Operation: Doomsday

DOOM is like beer. first time you try it... it's awful, though if you stick with, good times can certainly be had. i classed this guy as unlistenable after hearing the track 'Doomsday' from this album like 4-5 years ago but didn't delete it off of my mp3, Playa (what what) for some reason. i gave it a few more spins and once his whole drunken slurring style sunk in i was totally hooked on the guy. This album is chock full of amazing samples, namely from old Fantastic Four cartoons and even a beat made entirely of Scooby Doo sounds ('Hey!') but as the legend goes, DOOM didn't clear any of them, and the album was recalled and cancelled* by Fondle 'Em... though i'm one of the lucky few to own an original copy. And you're fucking nuts if you think i'm uploading that... i've literally played it once.

Fuck copyright.

*(apparently being released on DOOM's own Metal Face Records in a month)

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Jarv said...

nice post
I bet that album is worth some fucking moulah ey?