Saturday, 4 October 2008

The JV All-Stars - Take Me Back to Spectre [Extended]

The JV All-Stars (the real ones, not the millions of ones you might find on Myspace) are by far one of Nebraska's biggest bands at the moment (not up there with 311 quite yet, but getting close). Not only are they one of the tightest and most talented group of musicians, they're super cool guys. I spent a week living in their house with my band recording our album. This copy is the extended version, with bonus tracks [my favorite being "How's It Goin' Royal Ugly Dudes???"] and some acoustic stuff.

JVA, however, are much bigger in Japan than in America at the moment. They are 100% independent in the United States (most of their recordings are from their basement-seriously) yet signed to Trolley-Bus Records in Japan. They own a nice, small piece at our local record store and have an entire cardboard-cutout stand for their Japanese stores. It's crazy, but they've been to Japan many times and love their Asian fans.

JVA's sound is a mixture of pop, post-punk and on occasion some electrical elements. They put on a really fun show and have a great time whenever they get on stage. They're going on a super tour in November (but not coming anywhere near Chicago or Milwaukee, if that's what you're wondering). In 2007 they (as well as Go Crash Audio, another Nebraska band big in Japan) were name one of AbsolutePunk's 100 Up in Coming bands.

They're going somewhere and even if it's MTV they're good enough guys that they deserve it.



trollmaster said...

Bright Eyes, The Faint, and Cursive are all from Omaha along with Tilly and the Wall. Sure they dominate the Lincoln music scene, but I think you missed the rest of the picture.

They are a bit too pop punk for my taste but you did say that was what you were going to post. I'm not gonna complain.

doso said...

Yeah well Saddlecreek bands in my opinion are kind of stupid anyways.

Except The Faint. They went to my high school. They're awesome.