Tuesday, 17 June 2008

Say Hi To Your Mom - Ferocious Mopes

This is the third album by one of NYC/Seattle's archangels of lo-fi, Eric Elbogen. It's a slightly lusher, fuller dip into mopey 20-something ditties about love and robots than his first two historical flirtings (you'll get it later) with the music industry, Discosadness and Numbers & Mumbles. He consistently manages to keep the formula fresh, and spins his lyrics into an endearing web of silliness and sincerity. I love it, but I'm admittedly a huge SHTYM fan so you can either discredit this as biased or listen to it repeatedly and tell me I'm right.

The name of the band has since changed to Say Hi, and along with the new name came a new album, The Wishes and the Glitch. Is good.


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