Monday, 2 June 2008

Pavement - Westing/Watery, Domestic EP/Major Leagues EP

I'll confess and point this out before anyone else does: not every single one of these songs is absolutely essential. However, the majority aren't easy to find on this here internet, so at least they're serving some purpose. The .rar below contains the Pavement releases: Westing (by Musket And Sextant), Watery, Domestic EP and Major Leagues EP. Don't let the titles deceive you, there's 3 releases here, all by Pavement. The two EPs are rough yet tight collections of playfully performed songs creating the sound of a band having fun, despite the ML EP being created towards the arse-end of the band's career. Westing collates tracks from their earliest EPs, showing the band growing up and finding their sound. As is to be expected, they're not as cleanly produced as the LPs we all know and love but they're definitely worth a listen.

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