Saturday, 13 February 2010

Charles Crossingham - Talkers Talk

These tracks by Charles Crossingham kick ass. They start off with the bouncy and upbeat 'That Time in My Life'. This song has unique instrumentals and is just happy, happy, and happy. At times the lyrics get semi-serious but still maintain the overall happy air of the song. 'That Time in My Life' is the kinda song that you want to listen to with friends and dance to.

After 'That Time in My Life' we delve into 'California Tendencies' which sounds somewhat like modern country music but has more of a rock air to it. Its extremely rhythmic, and you'll find yourself involuntarily bobbing your head to it. I really want to get in a car and drive towards the future with this song playing. 'California Tendencies' makes you think about the future and what it holds.

'Choir on Fire' is a bit different from the previous two tracks. It starts out with just a piano playing with very emotional lyrics. Then the other instruments join in and we have a us a hell of a song. 'Choir on Fire' is way more relaxing than 'California Tendencies 'which really didn't seem possible. 'Choir on Fire' uses awesome lyrics coupled with beautiful instrumentals to create astounding visuals to set a very beautiful scene. Just wow. This is easily my favorite song from Charles Crossingham.

In 'Go On Your Way' we jump back to the happy and upbeat stuff that started us off. This song uses guitar to express ideas much like 'Choir on Fire' did with piano. Imagine driving along a coastal highway at twilight and you'll have an idea of the feeling this song gives. I love the guitar use in this song too. As the lyrics start to become more descriptive its hard not too envision everything that's being described.

You owe it to yourself to give theses promotional tracks a listen and then buy the album.

Grab the two promos here.
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MatthewT said...

Seriousness aside, these are the notes that I took while listening.

That Time in My Life
Bouncy! Unique instrumentals! Upbeat lyrics?! Happy! Happy! Happy! Love!

California Tendances
Dun Dun Dun Dun Kinda country? Good parts of country, without the bad! Like the foo fighters on crack and doing country. Rhytmatic! Be THere! Now! I want to chill to this song, like just read a good book and listen. Makes you think about the future and what it holds, and its just coming mannn

Oh shit we be gettin serious. Damn, this is relaxing and kinda sadish. More chill than the last song, most def. I'm just in tune with these drums gosh golly. Man 'I'm finally feeling it now'. This is great piano work too. Cool refrences to fire and shit too. Its kinda looking into people's emotions and playing with them at the same time. This may be my favorite song thus far. bum bum bum bum The chorus is beautiful, like if you could hear a sunset then this would be it.

Jump back to happy! Awesome guitar work here at the start, then everyone sorta joins together. Sorta reminds me of Yellow Card if they weren't bad. This song is something I'd listen to while driving along a peacful highway at twilight. Ohhh lord I'm tapping my foot to the rhythem and I've never done that before! Drum Drum Guitar Guitar More Drum. The vocals are awesome! Oh god I'm envisonig everything he says, its like raping my imagination in a pleasurable way. This is epicly good. :D Ohh the outra just blends, love that.

Charles Crossingham is an awesome dude that can play alot of things and all are awesome.

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