Sunday, 21 February 2010

The You Know Whos - Concert Review

Normally I don't do concert reviews, but recently I went to Harrisburg to see my roommate and his band play which I haven't done in a while. Let me tell you, despite the bias, they blew my mind. I had seen them before and of course heard plenty of solo stuff, but I really was impressed. Also, I promised Moe that I'd give a shout-out to him eventually, and they really do deserve it.

The venue was the Lower Paxton Youth Center which always has a mix of people there. The other artists were hardcore and metal and then one defiance, ohio wannabee band that is not quite worth mentioning or looking up their actual name. Surrounded by 15 year olds and punk rock high schoolers that tried to act tough, I snuck in and skipped the 3 dollar cover charge by saying "I have no money on me, I'm poor". One look at my beard and they were like "... Just go". Otherwise, LPYC is a good venue and usually has a lot of interesting bands and good people.

The band consisting of Moe Weimer(My roommate), Chris Bemis, Josh Digrugilliers, Spencer Schutte have really tightened up and have taken more rock n' roll influences especially from The Rolling Stones and a little bit from rockabilly and blues. They also have that kind of head bopping thing going that The Beatles have.

I am always impressed by the band's skills whether it's Chris's flawless guitar solos, or Spencer's character showing in his enthusiastic drumming and taking off his shirt, or Josh pulling some great bass riffs in which really tie the sound together, or Moe rocking out and dancing getting the crowd pumped. The band really does have a lot of talent and potential, even if you don't like the music you can tell that they know what they are doing.

At the moment, they don't have any merch or CDs for sale, but they have some tour dates up. I'll let you know when their CD is released and stuff. I'm also gonna have more friend bands that I for some reason never put up that I think you should check out from the Beard Party Collective.

Adding, you should really see them live because they will make you smile and dance and are really nice people. Their recordings are mediocre in comparison.

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