Thursday, 18 February 2010

My Heart To Joy - Spring Shows and EP Announced

Bored this weekend or any time this spring? So go to a My Heart To Joy show and get stoked for their upcoming EP Release. I'm actually really jealous of anybody that goes to the shows on the 20th and 21st with Snowing and Slingshot Dakota. That show's gonna be absurdly good. I'm sick and can't make them and if not I already promised my roommate I'd go to Harrisburg with him to see him play... Oh well, read up!

This week, My Heart to joy will be begin recording a follow up EP to their recent full length, Seasons In Verse, with Ryan Stack at Andrews Lane Recording. The EP will be released later this year and the band
also has announced several shows over the next few months with Snowing, Make do And Mend, Balance and Composure, Transit, 1994! and Grown Ups.

My Heart to Joy upcoming shows

Feb 19th @ The Barn W/ Snowing, Balance and Composure & Transit -Bear DE

Feb 20th @ Bushwick Music Studios W/ Snowing & Jettison - Brooklyn, New York

Feb 21st @ The Meatlocker W/ Snowing & Slingshot Dakota - Montclair NJ

March 19th @ Scriba VFW W/ Make do and Mend - Scribia NY

March 20th @ Hurley's Nightclub @ SUNY Potsdam W/ Make do and Mend - Potsdam, NY

March 21st - THE CLASSROOM W/ Make do and Mend, Measured in Gray - Middletown, NY

April 11th - MATNEE @ URI Coffee House W/ Grown Ups & 1994! - Providence RI


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